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Wasting Time Setting Up Video Calls Each Week?

Due to the hassle of setting up video chats, each person of your team may be losing a full workweek. Are you wasting time setting up video calls each week?

Team meetings have been transformed by video conferencing, which also significantly reduces travel time. However, new research indicates that we are still not utilizing the new technology to its full potential.

For every remote meeting, workers between the ages of 18 and 24 need up to 10 minutes to set up.

When you multiply it by the average five meetings each week, you see that you are losing 40 hours a year. That amounts to a lost work week, and the number increases if you look at older age groups.

It’s not always attributed to varying levels of technological sophistication. According to the study, employees relate the decline in productivity to the technology itself.

A third or so of respondents claim they lack the necessary equipment, and 23% even claim that bad technology excludes them from remote meetings.

Equipment May Not Be Sufficient

Employees frequently believe that the audio-visual (AV) equipment offered for remote and hybrid working is insufficient for the task at hand. That entails using the improper video calling software, using shaky webcams that obstruct communication, or using subpar microphones that don’t cooperate. All of this makes scheduling meetings more difficult and lengthens their duration.

Despite this, companies that provide remote and hybrid working are seeing benefits in a variety of other areas, such as employee performance and engagement.

However, there is a solution.

Consider replacing your employees’ webcams and microphones to make sure their AV equipment isn’t causing them to work more slowly. This would be a cheap and easy adjustment.

Asking your staff members to identify potential trouble areas is another smart move. Consider training or alternate solutions if your current system is slow to log in or difficult to use.

Are you wasting time setting up video calls each week? Get in contact with us if this is something that is holding you back.

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