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May 20th – May 24th, 2024

Monday, May 20th

Major Industries Report 2 Major Security Incidents per day in 2023

Tuesday, May 21st

This Android Malware is Stealing Passwords by Impersonating Popular Apps

Wednesday, May 22nd

WhatsApp on Windows 11 Gets a New Adaptive UI

Thursday, May 23rd

How to Disable Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11

Friday, May 24th

Windows 11 Gets a New Feature to Share Files and Links with QR Codes

May 13th – May 17th, 2024

Monday, May 13th

Windows 11 Insider – Preview File Explorer and Task Manager Updates

Tuesday, May 14th

New Router Malware is Stealing Login Information

Wednesday, May 15th

Microsoft Updates Edge Browser with Built-in Internet Speed Tester and Security Fixes

Thursday, May 16th

How to Disable the Windows 11 Installation Setting that is Slowing Down SSD Performance

Friday, May 17th

OneDrive Offline Mode Now Available for Web

May 6th – May 10th, 2024

Monday, May 6th

Microsoft Finally Tests More Reliable Windows Search

Tuesday, May 7th

Don’t Fall for Fake NordVPN Ads – How to Avoid VPN Scams

Wednesday, May 8th

Microsoft Recommends Upgrading to New Version of Teams

Thursday, May 9th

Facebook’s New Comment AI Feature is Live – Is this going too far?

Friday, May 10th

Microsoft Edge Gets Some Grammarly Styles AI Upgrades to Boost Writing

April 30th – May 3rd, 2024

Tuesday, April 30th

Are Any of Us Are Using Fingerprints Over Passwords?

Wednesday, May 1st

Apple Wants to Improve the Carbon Offset Market

Thursday, May 2nd

A Sneaky New Steganography Malware Hitting Hundreds of Firms

Friday, May 3rd

How to Protect Folders with Passwords on Windows 11

April 1st – April 5th, 2024

Monday, April 1st

April Fools!!

Tuesday, April 2nd

Major New Malware Campaign Hits Thousands of WordPress Sites

Wednesday, April 3rd

Windows Hello to Become Default Authentication Method in Google Chrome

Thursday, April 4th

Zoom Has An All New Unified Collaboration Platform Using Serious AI-Power

Friday, April 5th

Microsoft Rolls Out Copilot to More Windows 10 & 11 Devices

March 25th – March 29th, 2024

Monday, March 25th

Windows 11 Update is Reportedly Causing PCs to Crash or Run Slow

Tuesday, March 26th

New Chrome Update! Google Dropped 2 New Features to Keep Browsing Safe

Wednesday, March 27th

Latest Mac OS Sanoma Update is Breaking Some USB Hubs in Monitors

Thursday, March 28th

Hackers Can Access Private AI Assistant Chats

Friday, March 29th

Google Drive Could Add a Smart New Way to Keep Your Files Organized

March 18th – March 22nd, 2024

Monday, March 18th

Microsoft is Killing Support for Android Apps in Windows 11

Tuesday, March 19th

This Car Insurance Phishing Scam is so simple that it works…

Wednesday, March 20th

You Can Now Use Copilot AI to Manage Your Private Files

Thursday, March 21st

Microsofts Next Big AI Feature Could Turn Your Video Calls into Cartoons

Friday, March 22nd

Stop Hunting for Files with Screens 5 App

March 11th – March 15th, 2024

Monday, March 11th

Microsoft Teams Classic gets an Extended Lifeline

Tuesday, March 12th

How to Stay Safe from Cybercriminal Quishing Attacks

Wednesday, March 13th

This WordPress Plugin Vulnerability has put Millions of Websites at Risk

Thursday, March 14th

Registrars Can Now Block All Domains that Resemble Brand Names

Friday, March 15th

How to Split Screens on Windows 11

March 4th – March 8th, 2024

Monday, March 4th

Microsoft Announces Several New Copilot Capabilities in Windows

Tuesday, March 5th

Google is Changing its Login Page – Don’t worry, you’re not being scammed

Wednesday, March 6th

Microsoft Begins Forced Updates to Windows 11

Thursday, March 7th

Microsoft is Experimenting with an Old Idea for Edge Browser – You’ll either love it or hate it

Friday, March 8th

What is Google Chrome’s New ‘Help Me Write’ Feature – Designed to assist users in writing

February 26th – March 1st, 2024

Monday, February 26th

What a Future Without Browser Cookies Looks Like

Tuesday, February 27th

New Thetruthspy Stalkerware – Is Your Android Device Compromised?

Wednesday, February 28th

Microsoft Confirms Name of Next Windows Version – And it’s not Windows 12

Thursday, February 29th

Ovrdrive USB Stick – Unique self-destruct data hiding

Friday, March 1st

Google Gemini Can Now Create Images From Text – Here’s how it works

February 20th – February 23rd, 2024

Tuesday, February 20th

Microsoft Finally Exorcises Digital Ghost That Moved Around Desktop Apps 

Wednesday, February 21st

Fake LastPass iPhone App Scam – What you need to know

Thursday, February 22nd

Android Malware That Doesn’t Even Need to Be Opened to Steal Photos & Data

Friday, February 23rd

Coming Soon: Edge Customization for Businesses

February 12th – February 16th, 2024

Monday, February 12th

Microsoft Teases Big Updates For Sticky Notes Tool – Coming Soon to Windows 10 and 11

Tuesday, February 13th

Microsoft Edge Automatic Chrome Import Data Feature

Wednesday, February 14th

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Pin Your Favorite Websites with Start11 App – Windows 10

Thursday, February 15th

Microsoft Edge’s Browser Now More Popular Than Ever – But Why?

Friday, February 16th

OneDrive is Getting a Glow Up – Promises of an optimized interface and power-packed features to help you navigate your files

January 15th – January 19th, 2024

Monday, January 15th

Brand New Type of Malware Targets Windows Machines – Watch out for this

Tuesday, January 16th

What is Google Gemini AI?

Wednesday, January 17th

Microsoft is Changing the way it Updates Windows – It’s starting to sound like Windows 12 won’t happen

Thursday, January 18th

Fed up with Windows 11s Copilot Already? – Then you won’t like this leak which suggest AI could be inserted into file explorer

Friday, January 19th

Use Your Mac to Make and Receive Calls

January 8th – January 12th, 2024

Monday, January 8th

Get Ready for Microsoft Teams to Get More Fun

Tuesday, January 9th

Attacks Against Personal Data are Up – Apple reveals data breaches compromised more than 2.6 billion personal records

Wednesday, January 10th

Microsoft Moves On from Speech Recognition on Windows 11

Thursday, January 11th

Google Working on an AI Assistant – That could answer impossible questions about you

Friday, January 12th

How to Control Two Computers with a Single Mouse

January 1st – January 5th, 2024

Monday, January 1st

Happy 2024 from the STG team! 

5 Major Tech Advances of 2023 – The biggest game changers

Tuesday, January 2nd

Microsoft Teams is giving Mobile Users a New HackGreat for those who hate meetings

Wednesday, January 3rd

Google’s Year in Search 2023

Thursday, January 4th

Quishing is the New Phishing – Why you need to think before you scan that QR code

Friday, January 5th

3 New Microsoft Copilot Features