Client Testimonials

STG IT has saved a lot of time and money over the years by ensuring our systems are available 24/7. Honestly, I can’t recall a time we were down for anything beyond a momentary blip, and in those cases, they stayed right on top of things until we were certain everything was clear. They’ve been a wonderful partner. They’re extremely trustworthy, fair, and don’t quit until the job’s done. I could not recommend this team more highly.

I’m so happy with the service provided by Stan’s Tech Garage. Our previous IT service was getting more and more difficult to work with and we began to seek out new options. We’re elated with the work STG has been doing for us. Our Internet was getting impossibly slow and our WiFi coverage seemed to be shrinking by the day! These guys got in there and with a bit of new (pretty reasonable) equipment and configuration, our coverage was 1000% better. We’ve signed on with them for annual monitoring and maintenance for about 6 months now and couldn’t be happier! Great work guys!

Fast and reliable service is what we can always count on with STG. These guys are sticklers for keeping tabs on our computers and devices and really helped me out of a big jam when I accidentally left my laptop (with lots of sensitive data) in a taxi. Not only where they able to ensure the computer was totally locked and inaccessible, but they had tracking tech on there to be able to locate the computer. Sure enough, the computer was locked when I was able to retrieve it, but I never had a moment’s worry that sensitive information might have been compromised. Can’t recommend these guys highly enough.

The STG Team is excellent at what they do and are real pros in how they do their thing. Having a team like this in our corner makes our office run as smoothly as possible. They’ve been instrumental in helping us grow with a clear technology roadmap and solid advice along the way. Not to mention, they’re some of the nicest folks we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. We’ll be forever grateful for their expertise and genuine help.

Finding an actual IT partner in STG has made a huge difference in our business. I love that they regularly provide new ideas and solutions for us. They never rush to get you off the phone, and they’ve really gotten to know our company and staff on a personal level. We can count on timely responses and the support we need to help us grow. I highly recommend STG IT - thanks team!

We'd outgrown being able to manage our IT needs on our own and were referred to STG by one of our business associates. They were able to effectively craft a plan to help us maintain our current setup and support our needs moving forward. In addition, they regularly evaluate our current business needs and help craft our technology solutions to support that trajectory. We feel like we've got a real business partner with STG and look forward to continuing what we've built with them.

STG is a real team of IT Pros and we're extremely happy to have them handling our technology needs. The crew has been terrific, from the initial contact to addressing our needs as they arise. They've been super communicative, keep us in the loop of everything, are professional, and amazingly responsive to our requests. The best part about them is that they are willing to work some crazy hours just to help our small business. Absolutely, 5/5 stars!

Awesome group of guys to work with! We were in a real bind as we’d just moved offices and our technology situation was in disarray, to say the least. We thought we could handle it all ourselves, but we were in over our heads. First of all, our Internet was not hooked up like the building management promised and we needed to find a quick workaround. The team at STG helped us get set up with a wireless hotspot and got it to power our network for a quick fix while we waited for the building to get their act in order. They worked through the weekend to get our computers, printers, wifi, and everything else set up so we could work Monday. We hadn’t sought out to have new IT support that weekend, but now we have a great IT partner. Thanks Stan!

We have a local office near the Stan’s Tech Garage in Santa Monica and we were in desperate need of upgrades to our IT Infrastructure. Our computers were older and slow. Internet and WiFi were wildly inconsistent. Our security and backups, basically non-existent. Our cable closet looked like a spaghetti factory. We needed help and a consistent resource to guide us through the murky technology waters we’d become ill equipped to navigate on our own. We’d spoken to several IT Consultants and were very impressed with Stan’s team. We couldn’t be happier with their work thus far. Since we’ve brought them aboard we’ve updated our staff computers and modernized internal systems. We now have cloud applications to manage our business we can access from anywhere. Internet and WiFi are now consistent and fast. We also have the peace of mind in knowing we have a tech team keeping their eyes on our systems proactively who’ll let us know if anything looks out of place. Great work guys!!! Thanks! :-)

I don’t know what our last IT company was doing (and I don’t think they did either), but we needed some help. Our Internet and WiFi were slow, we didn’t have a great means of remotely accessing our file server, and our email and shared files were a big old mess. We were looking at losing a big contract with a major client because our security was, well, pretty much non-existent. Step in STG and their team of IT Rockstars. Word around the campfire is Stan used to e an IT Security Hotshot for the Fortune 500. He and his team took a look at our situation, after much evaluation (at no the cost to us, BTW), they gave us a clear plan as to how we can implement all the technologies we needed, they painstakingly responded to our security audits and made sure we were meeting our contractual obligations. Look, there are plenty of IT companies out there. You probably use one. They fix stuff when its broken, usually. But there isn’t a lot that really becomes a business asset like Stan and his crew. Oh yeah, and they have the cutest rescue pups which definitely doesn’t hurt.

STG IT Consulting Group has been a big help to our company. We just moved a regional office to the area and we’re very pleased to have found them to manage our local team. Beyond being just friendly and knowledgeable, they really worked with us to set up a managed IT plan. They handle a number of our routine maintenance and support tasks and stay in constant contact with our corporate office to ensure everything meets their standards. Very effective and responsive service, never leaving us waiting for help even though our corporate IT is on another continent and several time zones away. Expert tip: they also have pups in their office and are happy to bring them on service calls. Yes, you guessed it, I always request puppies with my IT.

Why hadn’t I found these guys sooner?! The real stars in the IT and computer repair business are the guys at Stan’s Tech Garage! I have a small business in Santa Monica and was looking for an IT partner to assist with day to day operations and larger scale computer management needs. When I called, I was greeted by a friendly employee, Ray. He discussed what my needs were as a business, what kind of infrastructure I had, and where they could be of service the most. He said he’d like to schedule a walk through and chat about options, so I scheduled some time the next day. Ray was a few minutes early and hopped right to it. He identified some key problem areas that should be addressed and even gave me some real affordable options, instead of trying to hit the highest mark. That’s always appreciated! At the end of the walk through, he left me with some invaluable tips like what ad blocker I should be using or how to address certain issues like ransomware. My company signed up with Stan’s and we’ve been able to focus more on what’s important to grow. Without them, I’m sure I’d still be struggling to get moving. Thank you everyone at Stan’s Tech!

Their staff is very professional, reliable, and trustworthy. We’ve brought in STG to take care of our IT needs and making sure our data safe and secure. They didn’t just help us with consulting and strategy, but they’ve also been great at answering our questions and getting our issues resolved in no time. A must-have for any business looking for IT solutions. Super impressed by this IT firm so far.

I can't thank these guys enough!! STG IT went above and beyond fixing one of our server issues, and literally saved our bacon. Our business depends on our technology being up without failure, and when our former IT team was MIA, STG came in and saved the day. If you've been looking for a seasoned group of pros to pick up where your current IT provider isn't living up to expectations, look no further. Very pleased!

The team at STG is always on top of our requests and never fail to assist in a timely manner. Downtime has significantly reduced among my staff, it's nice to get back to work on the important things rather than spending hours and hours on IT things that I barely understand. Working with STG has been a great experience all in. Thank you so much guys!

We worked with several different IT professionals over the years and they are the only company that provides a professional and outstanding service that other companies never had. They have always prompt in solving computer issues and gave a fair cost of their service. Computer problems can be very frustrating and we've dealt with our share, but the team of STG works hard to find a solution as well as give any advice needed to help us out. We so much appreciate they have done for us.

Our office was having a bunch of minor IT issues and "the computer guy" we used to use was, in typical fashion, nowhere to be found. We wanted someone to come help us out with our current troubles and be a go-to resource for us moving forward. We checked with a few providers who service the westside and we decided to go with Stan's. They were very friendly on the phone, attentive, and really wanted to understand our issues before coming out. We were off to a good start and had them come out to take care of those initial issues. Tyler, one of their senior staff members, arrived promptly and got right to work. He was able to solve our initial concerns quickly and took quite a bit of time consulting with us on our goals moving forward. Basically, we just want it to work, be sure we're backed up and secure, and not have to think about it. Now that we have STG in our corner, we're confident we've got that covered. Thanks Tyler!

Our Restaurant was having terrible WiFi coverage for both our internal computers and iPads as well as for our Guest Access. Stan's Tech Garage came out to perform a very in-depth assessment of our situation and within a day had a quote out to us for a solution. They performed the installation about a week later, and it's honestly been night and day. Not only are all our internal devices connected and functional throughout our space, the speeds are consistently better with no signal drop. Even better is our guest wifi now has a professional portal requiring our guests to authenticate and we get to collect valuable data about those visiting us! Thanks so much to Ray, Sam, and the crew at Stan's Tech Garage. You guys are the best!

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