Onsite and Remote Support

While we count on out technology to work flawlessly at all times, even the most optimistic among us can’t really expect that to always be the case. So as much as we all hate it, there are times when computer problems arise and it takes a bit more than just waiving our magic IT wand over it to make that problem disappear. You need an IT Professional to save the day, and lucky for you, you’ve got a team of them at your disposal with STG! Upon reaching out to our helpdesk via a number of contact channels exclusive to our IT Clients, your trouble ticket is on the fast track to being resolved by our fast and friendly support team.

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Onsite and Remote IT Support ebook - Onsite IT Support Services - STG IT Service Company in Los Angeles CA

Break-Fix vs. Managed Services: Why Smart Business Owners are Changing their Approach to IT

Many businesses only call a technician after something breaks, without realizing that it's the most expensive way to manage their IT.

Download this free eBook to learn how Managed Services can:
- Reduce business downtime
- Reduce the chances of major data loss
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Remote Support - Onsite IT Support - Remote IT Support Services - IT Help Desk Remote - STG IT Service Company in Los Angeles CA

To quickly and efficiently resolve issues, a remote support session is going to do the job 97 times out of a hundred. Heck, once the issue is identified, it can be resolved without ever getting you involved and all you’ll hear is the soothing voice of one of our techs confirming with you that everything’s back in order – if only all our problems could be resolved so painlessly! For those most complex issues, sometimes we need to pay you a little visit, but fear not, these are also covered. We’ll get out there ASAP (same-day for critical emergencies), and will even bring an office pup or two with us if you’d like.

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