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The cloud has truly revolutionized modern business practices. Gone are the days you need to be in the office storing data in clunky filing cabinets. But that doesn’t mean all businesses have made the full cloud transition. At STG Infotech, we value the power of using the cloud and know it can be difficult to move and manage all at once. We make your transition to the cloud smooth, safe, and easy.

Our technicians are equipped with extensive knowledge to make your cloud journey go off without a hitch.

Moving your business toward the cloud has several benefits including:

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Comprehensive Cloud Solutions Tailored for Your Business

We first want to understand what your business needs. Whether you are just starting to transition to the cloud or want to build upon your cloud network, we customize our solutions based on you. Our cloud services include planning and setting up your cloud migration, full cloud management, and supporting you every step of the way.

Cloud Migration Services

Expertise Across Major Cloud Platforms

We are experts in major cloud platforms like AWS Azure and Google Cloud. We help your business get the most from the cloud. Our certified cloud experts have the skills and tools needed. They know how to handle the tricky parts of these platforms. They make moving to the cloud easy and smooth.

Security at the Forefront

We prioritize your cloud safety, using the latest security steps and following strict rules. Our method covers it all. We start by identifying risks, and then manage those risks. Next, we implement strong security systems and monitor them constantly. This ensures that your data and apps stay safe.

Uninterrupted Cloud Operations

In today’s fast-paced business world, we can’t afford to stop. We watch and manage your cloud setup all day and night, making sure it’s always working and never stops. Our support is always ready. We find and fix problems before they can bother your work, giving you comfort. You can concentrate on your main work without worry.

Empowering Your Business with Cloud Innovation

Cloud technology helps bring new ideas to life. Our cloud support services are not just for solving problems today. They also open doors for future growth and new chances. We guide you in using the cloud’s benefits, like its ability to adjust easily, its flexibility, and how it saves costs. This helps change your business for the better and ensures long-term success.

Benefits of Partnering with STG Infotech for Cloud Services

You get a lot of good when you pick us for cloud services. We help make your cloud transition a breeze. We also help you get the most bang for your buck. Here’s how we help:

Enhanced Efficiency & Productivity

Our cloud services make your work easier. They let your team aim for growth and new ideas. By making regular tasks automatic and improving work processes with cloud tech, we boost your work speed and output. This helps your team do more work in less time

Cost Savings & Scalability

Moving to the cloud with us saves you money. You only pay for what you need. Scale your resources easily. Increase or decrease based on what you need. Our cloud services make sure you spend less. Always run your operations in a cost-saving way.

Improved Security & Compliance

With us your cloud setup gets top security and follows rules well. We use the best safety steps. We make sure your setup meets needed laws. This keeps your data safe from dangers. It also cuts down your risk.

Agility and Innovation

The cloud gives your business the speed to change fast. It helps you keep up with market changes and new chances quickly. Our cloud services create a space for new ideas. They make it easy to try new things without spending a lot upfront. You can experiment with new technologies easily. This way, your business can innovate without worrying about big costs.

Expert Guidance & Support

Our team has cloud experts ready to help you anytime. They know the latest in cloud tech. They have the tools to solve your problems. They make your cloud journey easy and successful.

Continuous Cloud Optimization

Once in the cloud, the journey changes. We keep your cloud setup efficient and cheap, matching your business needs. We use smart tools to check performance and handle resources. We adjust things based on data. This method cuts costs and boosts performance and growth.

Cloud Training and Empowerment

Knowledge is power. This is very true for cloud technology. We give your teams the knowledge and skills for using the cloud well. We do this through special training and workshops. We teach important cloud ideas, best ways to do things and how to work with it. We aim to make your team strong. This way they can handle and create new things in your cloud space confidently.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Things can go wrong at any time. Our cloud services offer full disaster recovery. This means your important data and apps are always safe. We make strong recovery plans just for your needs. This helps you start work fast after any problem. This cuts down time and loss when things go wrong.

Cloud Managed Services

Managing a cloud setup is hard and takes a lot of time. Our cloud services make it easy for you. We handle everything in your cloud setup. This includes updating systems and adding security patches. We also make sure your system runs smoothly. With us looking after your cloud, you can be stress-free. Your cloud infrastructure is safe with us.

Industry-Specific Cloud Solutions

Every industry faces its own challenges and needs. We give special cloud solutions for sectors like healthcare finance education and retail. We know the special aspects of your industry. This lets us set up solutions that follow industry rules and boost your edge in competition.

Cloud Services Frequently Asked Questions

What cloud solutions do you specialize in?

We are experts in big cloud services like AWS Azure and Google Cloud. Our team has certificates and a lot of experience in these areas. We give expert help no matter which service you pick.

Can you help with cloud migration?

We give full cloud moving services. First, we check and plan. Then, we do the move and make it better. Our aim is to change to the cloud easily. We want to keep your work going smoothly without trouble.

How do you ensure the security of my cloud infrastructure?

Security is our main focus. We use top security steps. This includes making data safe with encryption. We manage who can enter and use the system carefully. Keeping the network safe is important to us. We follow strict rules to protect your information. We aim to keep your data and apps safe from any dangers. Our goal is to offer a secure cloud place. This place keeps your information away from threats.

Do you offer fully managed cloud services?

Yes we offer full cloud services. This means we always manage watch and make your cloud system better. Our services make sure your cloud works well and safe.

Andy Cheng
Andy Cheng
Stan and his team was able to troubleshoot our tech issue almost immediately with professional manner. I really really appreciate his help!!!
Ben Perez
Ben Perez
Our business has been using STG for a little over a year, and we couldn't be happier with their services. Always responsive and deliver on our requests. Recently, we had them install network equipment and revamp our server rack/room, and it is such an upgrade. Everything is now expertly organized. STG's attention to detail is unmatched, and I highly recommend them
Dilani Kannangara
Dilani Kannangara
Stan and his team have been great partners in running our business. Headaches had become a little less as time passed. Thank you, Stan!
Garcia Dakota
Garcia Dakota
A very huge thanks to STG IT for making a hassle-free experience when it comes to IT related problems. I know that I am in good hands.
Jon Swire
Jon Swire
Stan's Tech Garage is amazing...they helped me setup a new laptop and move over all my emails and files - all with no issues. I'm not a real tech person so having some handle this quickly and cost effectively was a huge help. They are also super responsive. I highly recommend them.
Jesus C
Jesus C
I have a business in the LA area and was recommended to STG IT for all my tech needs. I reached out to STG IT and they answered all my questions and provided me all the service I requested flawlessly. I highly recommend using them for ALL your tech issues as well.
Wm Ben Terry
Wm Ben Terry
I have really enjoyed working with Stan and his team at STG. Their commitment to excellence and customer service has been super impressive!
Justin H
Justin H
My company is based in New York, but we needed someone local to help open two locations in California (one in LA, and one in Stanford). STG was able to get us up and running in another location and helped us manage our client's sites remotely/on-site. They helped install the wireless network our client needed and provide the level of professional support they needed. Stan and his team are your go-to experts for anything IT related, but also with cyber security. I have personally leaned on them for support many times. I highly recommend STG!!
Mike Flynn
Mike Flynn
We started with STG last year and it's been a fantastic change for us. STG is responsive, proactive, and they made the transition seamless. Bringing on STG has been a great decision and has allowed us to focus on our core business rather than IT.