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Microsoft Getting Rid of Office 365 for Good

Software companies are always changing and getting a remodel, Microsoft is no different. In the upcoming months, we will be seeing what massive rebrand they have in store for its majorly successful cloud-based program. You might be asking, is Microsoft getting rid of Office 365 for good? 

Well… They might be.

If it isn’t clear yet, Microsoft has officially begun to kill off… I mean change the Microsoft “Office” brand after 32 years. 

Though the cloud-based program itself has no intentions of disappearing, and Office apps will see a complete rebrand to Microsoft 365 in the near future.

The Beginning of Microsoft Office

It was in 1990 that Microsoft launched Microsoft Office. 

A productivity suite that combines the popular Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications under a one-time purchase. Later iterations include other apps like Outlook, Access, and One Note. 

In 2017, Microsoft started introducing Office applications under a subscription-based services called Office 365. The purpose was to include cloud-based capabilities, integrations, and applications. 

In 2020… maybe badly timed… Microsoft made the decision to change the name of Office 365 to Microsoft 365. 

Along with this change, they began aggressively marketing the subscription-based productivity suite to both businesses and consumers. 

Office will now be known as Microsoft 365

Now, in late 2022, Microsoft will begin the complete rebranding of its cloud-based Office apps and the site to Microsoft 365 as soon as possible. 

You can begin seeing changes to in November 2022. 

Following that, Microsoft will release its free cloud-based versions, the Office app on Windows and mobile in January 2023. 

Though, I wouldn’t say goodbye to the Microsoft Office brand forever. 

Is “Office” Gone for Good?

According to Microsoft, they will continue to offer the one-time purchase license via Microsoft Office 2021 and Office LTSC.

With Microsoft 365, you will still have access to apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. 

For now, it seems like we can just expect a name change. Nothing should affect these products and how we use them. 

Examples being the mobile apps and free Microsoft Store cloud-based versions will now be renamed to Microsoft 365.

So, is Microsoft getting rid of Office 365 for good? Potentially. For now, only time will tell if they completely say goodbye to the Office name.

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