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How to Stop Dangerous Insider Threats

The attacks insiders carry out are often the hardest to detect. An “insider” is anyone with legitimate access to your company’s network and data. This is possible through a login or other approved link. Here’s how to stop dangerous insider threats.

Insiders are able to get around certain security measures because they have access to the system. Such as the security features designed to keep intruders out. If this user has login information, they aren’t seen as an intruder, and won’t trigger security protections in place.

There are some alarming statistics that serve as an example of how crucial it is to deal with this threat. Insider attacks are getting worse, harder to spot and bigger in scope.

According to the study:

  • Attacks from within have grown by 44%.
  • Organizations need 85 days to contain an insider threat.
  • Addressing insider risks now cost 34% more on average

It’s critical for businesses to grasp what constitutes an insider threat. That is the beginning of the mitigation process.

4 Types of Insider Threats

There are various reasons why insider threats can be challenging to detect. Employees, customers, suppliers and hackers can all commit insider security breaches. Some are malicious while others may be unintentional, making detection more difficult.

Here are the 4 types:

Malicious/Disgruntled Employee

If a salesperson leaves the company, they could choose to take their connections with them. This is a deliberate theft of business information.

Actions from a disgruntled employee is another example of an insider attack. If they are angry with management who just fired them, they can resolve to doing harm to the company. They might set up ransomware or strike a deal with a hacker to provide login information in exchange for money.

A Negligent or Careless Employee

Lots of insider threats are brought on by lazy or untrained employees. They have no intention of causing a data breach, but might accidentally share confidential information on an insecure platform. Or if they access their business apps on a friend’s computer, being totally ignorant of the security implications.

3rd Party with Access to Your Network

Another very serious concern is outsiders who have access to your network. Vendors, contractors, and independent workers can all pose the danger of an insider breach.

Be sure to do a thorough assessment of these third parties. Do this before granting them access to your systems. Allow your IT team or partner to check them for any data security issues as well.


One of the most severe kinds of insider threats is the use of compromised login credentials by a hacker. This is currently the main cause of data breaches worldwide.

A cybercriminal becomes a “insider” when they gain access to an employee’s login. They are recognized as the authorized user by your computer system.

Ways to Reduce Insider Threats

Thorough Employee Background Checks

Make sure you run a thorough background check on any new hires. Insiders who want to do harm often have troubling employment histories. The same holds true for any suppliers or workers who will have access to your systems.

Device Endpoint Solutions

Currently, mobile devices make up 60% of endpoints in a company. However, a lot of companies do not use a solution to manage device access to resources.

Install an endpoint management program to keep track of device access. Additionally, you may use this to safe-list devices and automatically block illegitimate devices.

Multi-Factor Authentication and Password Management

Multi-factor authentication is one of the most effective defenses against credential theft. Hackers struggle to overcome the second factor. The FIDO security key or a person’s mobile device are hardly ever accessible to them.

Employee Training on Data Security

You can reduce the likelihood of a breach caused by carelessness with training. Inform staff members of appropriate data handling practices and security regulations controlling sensitive information.

Network Monitoring

How can you stop someone from misusing your system after they have user access? This is accomplished by clever network monitoring.

Utilize threat monitoring with AI. This enables you to spot odd behaviors as they emerge. For example, someone who downloads a lot of files. O or a user who accesses the system from outside the country.

Knowing how to stop dangerous insider threats are crucial to business continuity.

Need Help Putting a Stop to Insider Threats

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