We are your healthcare technology partners in Los Angeles providing IT security and compliance services that are designed for the specific needs of medical offices and medical practitioners. Our healthcare IT support allows you to focus on delivering better care to your patients while we concentrate on solutions that will provide your practice with the best workflow, security, and efficiency. We are up to date with all the standards for medical practices set forth in the HIPAA security rule and the security assessment it requires—and that means you can be too.

Proactive IT security

The healthcare industry is a primary target for hackers and cybercriminals given the amount of valuable data it collects. We will provide an in-depth analysis of your IT security requirements to give you the peace of mind for your medical practice to be profitable and productive.

Medical Industry Focused

We will make sure your medical practice IT infrastructure is properly aligned with federal and state regulatory provisions for the healthcare industry. We are here to assess the relevant technologies that will structure the implementation of future cyber security policies so you can rest assured that your patient information remains secure.

Compliance Support

Patient privacy and HIPAA are woven together in any healthcare environment. Your medical office does not have to handle the overwhelming complexities of HIPAA compliance support alone. We offer the technical safeguards that will protect your electronic protected health information (EPHI) and make sure your practice meets healthcare regulatory requirements.

Prevent Costly Data Breeches

We are here to identify ongoing cost-effective resources to help your medical practice meet HIPAA security requirements. We will identify all of the vulnerabilities to your patients’ protected health information and evaluate your compliance program so you can avoid any patient privacy issues that could result in severe penalties.

Free Scans and Consultations  

We offer free IT assessments for your medical practice to help you keep your technology and your team running smoothly. The first step of any HIPAA compliance plan required under the Security Rule is to conduct a Risk Analysis and Management, and we can facilitate this process for you.

Functioning technology and backup plans are an essential part of any business plan today. It’s hard for a company to be profITable today without their IT working efficiently, and we’re here every step of the way to help your medical practice gain peace of mind.

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