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Managed IT Support Services vs. IT Services Differences

We know they look and sound similar, but the nuances between them mean a lot. If you have a budding business, understanding the differences between managed IT support services and traditional IT services is how you can effectively optimize your tech infrastructure.

As the local provider of IT solutions for SMBs in Los Angeles, STG Infotech is committed to demystifying these terms to empower businesses to make informed decisions about their IT.

What is the Difference Between Managed IT Services and IT Services?

There are a few key differences between managed IT services and IT services to note. Here are some to consider when your team is looking to get a handle on its IT.

1. A Proactive vs. Reactive Approach

Managed IT support services adopt a proactive approach to IT management. It involves all the steps necessary like continuous monitoring, maintenance, and optimization of IT systems.

On the other hand, traditional IT services are often reactive, addressing problems as they arise.

Reactive services are often more expensive than proactive measures in both service and lasting implications. Think downtime, damage to brand reputation, and other financial burdens.

2. Comprehensive IT Management

Companies that specialize in managed IT services offer a range of comprehensive services. These services will include network monitoring, cybersecurity, data backup, and software updates, all bundled into a fixed monthly fee.

In contrast, traditional IT services may offer a la carte solutions, requiring businesses to manage and coordinate multiple vendors for different aspects of their IT infrastructure.

3. Predictable Costs vs. Variable Expenses

One of the key benefits of managed IT support services is predictable costs.

With a flat-rate monthly fee, businesses know what they need to budget without worrying about unexpected IT expenses.

Traditional IT services usually lead to unpredictable costs, because businesses are billed based on the services utilized and any additional support required.

This can become tricky if you don’t expect project work to take as long as it does or when you need support during emergency hours.

4. Focus on Fueling Business Growth

A managed IT support services company’s entire job is to relieve the burden of IT. Most of the time, IT gets thrown onto a staff member as an additional responsibility, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

An outsourced IT provider can help a business focus on core operations and objectives, rather than being bogged down by IT issues. When outsourcing IT management to a trusted provider like STG Infotech, businesses have access to expertise and resources they can leverage to drive growth.

5. Scalability and Flexibility

Managed IT services are inherently scalable. Their business model allows businesses to grow or scale back their IT resources based on changing needs. This scalability makes it easy for businesses in Los Angeles to adapt to trends and market demands.

Traditional IT services may lack this flexibility, leading to inefficiencies and bottlenecks during periods of expansion or downsizing.

STG Infotech – Your Trusted Partner for Managed IT Support Services in Los Angeles

At STG Infotech, we understand the unique IT challenges certain businesses face in Los Angeles. With our comprehensive suite of managed IT support services, we offer proactive monitoring, fast issue resolution, and strategic IT planning for businesses of all sizes and industries.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to delivering friendly and reliable IT services tailored to your specific business needs. Whether you require network security enhancements, cloud migration support, or ongoing technical support, we’ve got you covered.

Partner with STG Infotech today and experience the difference that expert-managed IT support services can make for your business.

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