Phishing Sites? Gone in 600 Seconds

Did you know that most phishing websites disappear in under 10 minutes? Yeah, about 60% of all phishing sites? Gone in 600 seconds.

This startling fact highlights just how quickly cyber threats develop and how important it is for us to stay ahead of the game.

Phishing websites are fake recreations of real websites, designed to trick you into entering login information. Or to get you to download malware.

The idea is that cyber criminals drive a huge amount of traffic to these sites, scam people, and then wipe these websites before anyone can detect them.

It would be great if we could identify these threats before they disappear and pop up somewhere else. Well, Google Chrome might have a few tricks up its sleeve to help us do exactly that.

Think about this: You’re busy running a business, constantly on the go, making snap decisions. You might accidentally visit a strange-looking website, but you don’t have to stress. You’re using Google Chrome, and it will scan this website against a list of malicious URLs.

But here’s the issue. Google’s list of malicious websites is updated only once every 30 to 60 minutes. This makes it possible for those 60% of phishing websites that disappear in 10 minutes to evade detection.

Enter Enhanced Safe Browsing, a new security feature for Google Chrome.

As part of a recent update, Chrome is turning this on for everyone. Now, URLs will be checked against a list of domains in real time. Think of this as a cyber bodyguard with lightning-fast detection and neutralization skills.

Google confirms that Enhanced Safe Browsing will still include features like deep file scanning and protection from malicious extensions.

So, will google know every URL you visit?

The short answer is, yes. All visited URLs are shared with Google via this function, but the information won’t be used to power other features like advertising. There is a trade-off between privacy and security. Given the growing intensity of cyber threats, isn’t it worth it to have that additional layer of security?

We advise you to use these new resources and stay one step ahead of cyber criminals. All of our businesses depend on it, after all.

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