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Some Facebook Advertisements Are Too Good To Be True

Everybody has been there. You browse through Facebook and ads pop up promising to help grow your business with AI-powered software. It seems intriguing, doesn’t it? But be careful, some Facebook advertisements are too good to be true.

Without thinking, you’ll click on the link to find out more. This is a serious red flag.

Cybercriminals have been producing Facebook ads that guarantee viewers they can increase revenue and productivity. When you click the link, there’s a catch.

It turns out they actually just want you to install malware… go figure.

And when you click the link while on your computer, it grants hackers access to all of your Facebook data, including your ad spending.

You might be wondering, “Who would fall for such an obvious trick?”

Well, when you’re a small business owner doing a million things at once, it can be easy to fall for the bait. These hackers are smart. They are skilled at making these offers appear genuine and hiding the malware on your computer so it’s difficult to find.

What safety precautions can you take? First of all, any deal that looks too good to be true probably is. You can check an ads link before clicking on it by searching it on Google.

Above all, make sure your Facebook account is secure. Make use of two-factor authentication, which requires you to authenticate your login with a second device.

Remember that although these online criminals are savvy, they aren’t perfect. For example, researchers who discovered this scheme found several Vietnamese keywords in the script.

This serves as yet another reminder of how crucial strong cybersecurity is. It’s true that managing a business is a juggling act, so adding another ball could feel too overwhelming.

But consider this: Would you rather invest a small amount of time now securing your online accounts, or a large amount of time later handling the consequences of a breach?

The saying goes, “Prevention is better than a cure.” So, stay safe, stay alert, and protect what you’ve worked so hard to create. If you need help staying protected, give us a call.

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