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AI is Increasingly Making Phishing More Dangerous

In recent months, AI chatbots have swept the world by storm. We’re enjoying asking ChatGPT questions, seeing how much it can handle, and even getting it to tell us jokes. But AI is increasingly making phishing more dangerous.

Let’s get into it.

While AI can be a lot of fun, cybercriminals have been working hard to develop ways to harness AI for darker purposes.

They’ve figured out how to use AI to make their phishing scams more difficult to detect – which makes them more successful.

We advise people to be cautious with emails. Go through them carefully. Watch out for grammatical and spelling errors. And before you click any link, make sure they are real.

And we stand by that advice.

But ironically, chatbot-generated phishing emails seem more human than ever before. Which increases the likelihood that you and your team may fall for a scam. Hence, we need to be more cautious than before.

Defend Yourself From AI Phishing

Criminals are using AI to create distinctive variations of the same phishing lure. To make the scam seem more legit, they are using AI to fix language and grammar errors and even to generate complete email threads.

Although detection methods are being developed, identity security techniques are still way off.

This calls for extra caution while opening emails, especially those that you might not have before. If you have even the slightest hesitation, always verify the email’s return address and confirm with the sender directly (not by replying to the email!). Please contact us if you require any additional information or team training for phishing scams.

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