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Your USB Cable Is Getting a Speed Boost

By now, we should all be familiar with a USB cord. They’ve been using them to connect to computers since the 90’s, and now almost all cell phones. So, it should be good news to hear that your USB cable is getting a speed boost.

Yes, you read that correctly, the 90’s. It’s hard for certain tech to outlast the test of time. Yet, the USB has persevered.

The versatility of a USB is the reason we are able to connect so many different devices, charge our phones and even share data.

Of course the USB has seen a lot of upgrades over the years. Constantly seeing improvements with more to come.

What makes this upcoming update interesting is that you won’t need to purchase any additional USB accessories or cables.

The release of USB 4 2.0 has been announced by The USB Promoter Group, the industry heads that drive improving USB technology.

What’s so cool about this update?

Well, as long as your cables are less than a couple years old, you’ll be able to double the speeds of data transfer on cables you already own.

The optimum data transfer rate under this new standard will be up to 80 Gigabits per second.

It implies the improvement of display performance and overall faster data transfers. This is great news that will improve productivity in your business.

Tech behemoths like Microsoft, Apple, HP, and Intel are members of the USB Promoter Group.

Its main responsibility is to expand support for various platform types and increase USB capabilities to suit market demand.

You can expect this update to happen sometime in November.

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