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Exciting Ways Microsoft 365 Supports the Hybrid Office

The newest buzzword in business is the “hybrid office.” Hybrid work is a combination of employees working both in office and from home. For many businesses, this is becoming a reality rather than just a trendy term. So we wanted to break down some exciting ways Microsoft 365 supports the hybrid office.

Looking at a survey taken from employees in a remote-capable environment, 42% of them work a hybrid schedule and 39% work full-time at home.

Obviously, this shift to a hybrid office has direct correlation to the pandemic. Employees could no longer travel to the office safely. In order to keep work going, companies had to implement work from home. During this time, both employers and employees got to personally experience the advantages of hybrid working.

There are plenty of benefits for a business going remote. Including cost reduction for both employees and employers. Additionally, it made it possible for the business to run more proficiently. Another big benefit being the overall improvement of employee morale.

Plenty of businesses gave concerns that remote work would ruin productivity. Surprisingly, productivity improves in many remote work circumstances.

The only way for hybrid teams to maintain productivity, is through communication. Wherever an employee works, the right technology tools should enable connectivity.

Microsoft has been a pioneer in this field. This year, the business expects to roll out a number of exciting upgrades. These will give businesses more tools to support their hybrid teams.

Here are a few methods for maximizing a successful hybrid office using Microsoft 365. Be aware that some of these features are currently available and that others will likely be available this year.

Upgrade to Microsoft Teams and Expanded Features

Team messaging is only 1 feature of Microsoft Teams. The software combines the best elements of messaging and online video meetings. They are brought together on a platform thats intention is to serve as a secure hub for online work.

In the past five years, MS Teams has advanced considerably. And the business is adding new services to support hybrid offices. Recent feature enhancements include the following:

  • Ability to register for webinars
  • Professional presentation modes
  • Enhanced security features
  • Full business VoIP phone system add-on
  • “Metaverse” components

2. Outlook’s New Meeting RSVP Options

When no one is working in the same location, it might be difficult to determine when to “clock in” and “clock out.” as well as how to inform coworkers if you’ll be working in the office or from home the following week.

Outlook is receiving an update to help hybrid teams in better communication. Users will be able to RSVP for meetings. This can inform team members of whether they are participating in person or electronically.

Better Meeting Framing for More Engaging Discussions

One factor that can detract from a meeting’s goal is someone’s virtual background. It can be difficult to get the camera in the right position. One person’s face can occupy 80% of the video screen. Due to their location distant from their computer’s camera, another person may only occupy 20% of the space.

Better facial framing will be possible thanks to the new Surface Hub 2S Smart Camera. This will have an impact on Microsoft Teams virtual meetings. The room view can be changed among other features to make it easier to see people’s faces. Additionally, it has more uniform sizing.

Improve Your Video Control Using PowerPoint to Present

In video calls, people frequently present a PowerPoint presentation while sharing a screen. Maintaining the same level of interest among everyone as when you present in person might be challenging.

For instance, you can maintain eye contact in person. Your facial emotions as you highlight certain points can be seen by everyone. When presenting virtually, that isn’t always the case. Your video feed can be pushed into a small box by the app.

Cameo is a brand-new feature that will soon be available for Teams. You’ll be able to easily combine PowerPoint with Microsoft Teams thanks to it. You can specify exactly how you want your presentation’s video stream to look in relation to it.

Recording Studio is an additional component. You may now record on-demand videos for PowerPoint that appear professional thanks to this new functionality. You can carry it out within the software itself.

Get Help With Your Presentation Skills

Over the past few years, Microsoft has added numerous AI features to Microsoft 365. Speaker Coach is one that will soon assist you in giving more effective online presentations.

This coach is one-on-one and private. You can improve your presentation abilities with its aid. This facilitates your transition to the differences between presenting live and online.

Some of the feedback it can provide include:

  • Use of repetitive language
  • Use of filler words (Ummm)
  • Speaking pace
  • Pausing for input
  • Intonation
  • Speaker overlaps
  • And more

Let us help improve your hybrid office with Microsoft 365

There are a ton of exciting ways Microsoft 365 supports the hybrid office. To traverse these skills, however, it does help to have a knowledgeable guide. To arrange a conversation about how Microsoft 365 may help your company expand, contact us right away.

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