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Would Your Staff Fall For This Trick?

Cybercriminals are known for continuously coming up with new schemes to trick us into giving them our login information or other sensitive data. That’s why we must train our team to understand what to look out for. Would your staff fall for this trick?

While you might assume your team would notice a potential attack, you never know. Over the years, we’ve witnessed a lot of smart individuals, including numerous business leaders, get duped.

One of the newest scams is quite vintage… and might be why people are falling for it as a result.

Cybercriminals are returning to their roots. By mailing USB drives to the office.

Beware the Rogue USB

The USB will arrive in familiar packaging and branding that make them appear to be from Microsoft. (They are not!)

The common story going around is that there is an upgrades version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus is on the drive, and it needs to be installed right away.

Of course, this is a whole fabrication. Microsoft confirming these packages are not real. They also mention to the public they would never send out unsolicited packages.

How the Scheme Works

The drive will identify a “virus” and prompt you to call a help line if you plug it into your computer.

To win your trust, the con artists on the other end will pretend to delete the malware. In order to finalize your membership setup, they will then ask for your payment information.

Although USBs have left the spotlight, the combination of the physical USB, the false help line and the impression that it is from Microsoft is appealing. Someone who is busy and just wants to get back to work might mistakenly fall for this scheme.

When In Doubt, Train Your Staff

We anticipate complex and cunning email attacks. With this certain chain of events, our guard is down.

Be cautious and inform everyone in your company about this scam.

It is a good time to review software and employee training. Knowledge is the best way to safeguard your organization.

We can assist you in finding the ideal combination of the two. Contact us today to find out more.

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