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Very Helpful Windows 11 Features are Coming to Windows 10

Without a doubt, Windows 11 provides a ton of great new features. If you’re still on Windows 10, you could be missing out. There is good news, though. To make the move a little more seamless, very helpful Windows 11 features are coming to Windows 10.

Did Printing Just Get Easier?

The first feature will make printing an easier process. We can hear your applause from here! Anything that makes the printing process simpler is a win in our book. Printing, even in this decade, still has a bad reputation.

You will now have the function of a PIN-protected print. Which means when you send a document to the printer, the document will only print once you get to the printer and enter your PIN.

By doing this, you are able to keep your prints private. You won’t have to leave any documents on the printer for everyone to see. Plus it reduces the chances of you accidentally printing multiple copies of your document.

Focus Assist

The second helpful feature coming to Windows 10 is Focus Assist that works in conjunction with Do Not Disturb.

It’s always been nice to switch to Do-Not-Disturb when you’re trying to focus on your task and get some work done. However, if you use it frequently, you might start overlooking some important notifications.

Focus Assist helps you avoid this issue. You are given important and time-sensitive notifications and messages while still using the do not disturb feature.

New Features Are Almost Here

These new features have been in testing since June of this year. We are not sure when they will be made accessible for all Windows 10 users, but they are on the way.

As very helpful Windows 11 features are coming to Windows 10, we can finally be excited about switching. If you can’t wait to try more of these productivity-enhancing features that Windows 11 has to offer, give us a call. We’re more than happy to assist you in making the move.

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