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Businesses that Benefit from Hiring Managed IT Services

As an IT provider, I am often asked the question, “Do I know of any businesses that benefit from hiring managed IT services?”

What Businesses Benefit Most from Managed IT?

The truth is, I believe any business can seek to benefit from outsourcing IT. Especially if the base of their operations take place on a computer.

However, over the years, I have noticed a correlation. One between specific industries and the businesses that benefit from hiring managed IT.

Let’s get into it.

Why Businesses Invest in Managed IT

In today’s business world, investing in local IT services can be essential. It is very common to feel like keeping up with the newest technology is costly and time-consuming.

Reasonably, it is why businesses turn to hiring managed IT.

They want to focus on actually maintaining the business and trust the IT to capable hands.

For businesses in the following sectors, this reins especially true. 


First, we have to talk about healthcare. Healthcare is one of those industries that always benefits from entrusting their tech to managed IT services. 

Today, medical facilities are under a lot more pressure to improve patient outcome and reduce operating costs. Managed IT services help these healthcare practices meet set goals by providing a number of benefits. 

On top of helping these facilities run more smoothly and cut costs, the main focus has always been to protect and secure patient data.

When a healthcare facility experiences an increase in efficiency, they are then able to distribute resources more freely. These resources go directly into helping people get the care they need. 

Additionally, IT service providers help make critical data readily available for physicians. This alone increases productivity and can allow the healthcare provider to make better decisions on patient care. 


Another industry IT Services help, are financial institutions.

Along with healthcare, finance and accounting firms deal with sensitive client data on a regular basis. It is crucial these institutions are able to protect this data. They need a reliable and secure IT infrastructure in place to ensure they can safeguard that information.

Effectively, using outsourced IT is a smart way businesses can enhance organization, operations and security. As financial institutions struggle to navigate today’s challenging economic and regulatory landscape, the demand for risk and compliance management is growing, especially as more businesses turn to security compliance as-a-service solutions.

By running IT security checks, managed IT services can assist finance and accounting firms secure their data. They are also able to take advantage of the most efficient security patches and updates.

These IT services make sure financial and accounting systems are up-to-date and running smoothly. 


Next, we have Legal.

Lawyers and law firms rely on IT to manage cases, interact with clients, and secure important documents. Having an up-to-date and dependable IT system is essential for all legal businesses.

The benefits of a law firm using a managed IT service include going beyond getting their systems operating more effectively. 

Yes, these businesses benefit from an enhancement in efficiency, productivity, and less downtime. Most of all, managed IT services help these firms comply with data security and privacy standards.


Lastly, I think it’s important to mention Non-Profits.

After working with several Non-profits over the years, I’ve found their industry benefits heavily from managed IT services. Non-Profits like any business require a dependable IT system to support and protect their operations. 

But, in general these businesses have limited resources. So, while they require IT support, they probably can’t afford to onboard an in-house staff member. 

For instance, partnering with an IT provider can help them overcome these challenges. Providing the support of an entire IT team for a fraction of the cost of hiring 1 staff member.

We help non-profits save resources by preventing issues before they happen. We pride ourselves on getting them the latest in technology, that they may not have had access to.

These Businesses and Many More

It’s essential that businesses have access to the latest IT solutions in today’s ever-changing business world. Managed IT services provide the assistance to these businesses and many more to help them get ahead of the competition. The businesses that benefit from hiring managed IT services are all around us. It could even be your business. Find out today what we can do for you!

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