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Employees Still Using Security-Risk Apps

For many, the apps and software our businesses use today are likely different from the ones used before the pandemic. It has become more than important with hybrid work that employees still using security-risk apps know the dangers of doing so.

Does Work From Home = Security Risk?

We all had to make major adjustments in the way we were working and communicating.

In the beginning, employees were using whatever tools they had available. It was certainly hit-or-miss at first.

Now that we’ve embraced this new hybrid way of working, it’s time we choose the proper software for our businesses to thrive.

The issue is, employees may not agree with your businesses choice of applications. They may prefer the tools they were using before, despite them being a security risk. Plus with the number of staff working from home, it’s hard to regulate what everyone is using.

Employees desire more control over the software, communication tools, and apps they use. Which means almost half of them are choosing to use apps that they were told not to from the IT department.

It’s making things challenging for business owners.

Huge Challenge for Business Owners

It’s like having teenagers. When you take things away and stop allowing something, they want to do it more. App and software blocking make employees feel a lack of trust. Leading to frustration and lack of motivation. Which can be an even bigger problem to your business.

However, ignoring the security issue can be just as bad. When you don’t regulate the apps being used, your data is left open and your systems are vulnerable to malware.

What is the Solution?

Always encourage open communication with your employees. Asking for comments on the software you want to use is a smart approach. After all, it is your employees that have to use it.

If it is agreed upon that you are applying the incorrect solutions, consider their proposals for alternatives and make a commitment to researching their potential.

Making sure your employees are completely aware of the dangers of using non-safe applications and the effects such use may have on a business is another excellent tip.

Even if you manage to get everyone on safe tools, keeping them up to date on the latest cybersecurity measure is always a wise move.

Can we assist you in finding the most productive and communicative tools for your company? We take pride in helping plenty of business owners stay safe with the applications they use. Get in touch to learn more.

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