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The Unexpected Benefits of Password Managers


Anyone who has more than one online account will immediately recognize the primary benefit of using a password manager (i.e., everyone). Instead of having to remember all 100 usernames and passwords, the password manager fills them in for you automatically. It’s a godsend. There are several other reasons to utilize a password manager as well. This article discusses a number of additional unexpected advantages.

Password manager tools allow you to create, manage, and save a large number of distinct passwords all in one place. You might be wondering if using a password manager is a risky proposition in the first place. However, the cybersecurity sector as a whole agrees that this is the case.

A password manager protects passwords by encrypting them with the highest level of security available. Furthermore, they adopt a zero-knowledge approach. They do not have access to the passwords that they save and use to prefill forms on websites. The password is encrypted before it is sent to the manager’s server, and it cannot be read once it has arrived there. This is why you must be so cautious not to lose track of your master password!

Having said that, the password manager provides more than just a secure storage space for encrypted credentials.

Additional Advantages of Using a Password Manager

For starters, several password managers offer mobile applications that may be downloaded onto mobile devices. When you visit those sites, you may utilize the password manager to prefill forms on them as well. This provides you with the benefit of convenience not just on your desktop computer, but also when you are on the go.

Some password managers also come with additional security features built in. They could, for example:

weak passwords and login credentials; a reminder to change your passwords; notification that your passwords may have been compromised in a data breach; and an advisory to avoid repeating access credentials if you’re going to do so.

Another advantage is the ease with which you can exchange passwords with friends and colleagues. Perhaps you want to grant shared access to streaming accounts to members of your family, or you want to grant a business colleague access to applications you’re using remotely. They may be able to see specific passwords if they use a managed password sharing function. You aren’t displaying everything; you have the option to choose what you make available. Furthermore, when you change your credentials, the password on their end will be changed as well. This also does not have to be a long-term solution. You can quickly and easily terminate password sharing.

You can also use a password manager to keep track of other crucial pieces of information. You might keep track of things like credit card numbers or other personally identifiable information in your database. Keeping that kind of information in an unencrypted note on your desktop or mobile device is dangerous, but you may use password manager encryption to save those important details in a secure manner.

Using a password manager, you can keep track of all of your passwords.

You shouldn’t expect to be able to remember all of your different passwords. However, the days of writing down passwords on Post-It notes are long past us. Cloud-based password management allows you to keep your credentials safe while also doing more.

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