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Meet the Tech Dogs! KOBE



Today I’m going to introduce you to the old man of the bunch, the most bestest boy, none other than the amazing Kobe Bean Kats!


Kobe is a Parson Russell terrier and he’s about 12 years old.  Parson’s are a lot like Jack Russell’s, typically a bit bigger, and known for their smarts, bravery, and are fiercely loyal.  We adopted Kobe from the Northern California Jack Russell Rescue almost 11 years ago, and he’s been an integral part of the crew ever since.  Kobe’s still going strong even as he gets a bit older, and he’s the undisputed alpha of our pack, and despite being the smallest in stature, he’s the biggest in heart.


So Kobe loves snacks, walks, and snuggling up with his Mama most.  Despite my taking care of him most of the time, he’s a Mama’s boy through and through.


If you’re ever in the neighborhood and want to make a new best friend, bring treats and Kobe’s will be like putty in your hands.  If you come empty handed, you’ll be lucky to hear a quick bark before he retreats to one of his many dog beds.


Spoiled?  You bet, but we love the old guy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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