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The Danger of IT Dashes for Small Business

The Danger of IT Dashes for Small Business

Few of us would consider running a marathon, or even a 10-mile race, without properly preparing. However, the number of people who believe they could sprint a 50-meter dash increases considerably if they are being pursued by a criminal, cougar, or frightening clown. Even still, with proper training, that brief sprint would be much easier. So, what does this have to do with information technology? A lot of people continue to read.

Many businesses handle IT with the attitude of “we’ll dash when we need to.” They are spooked when they hear about ransomware at a hospital or a data breach at a national mobile carrier, and they rush to try to remedy the perceived cybersecurity problem. They’ll purchase the most recent app or device available because, after all, it has to be the finest, right? After that, they trudge along, paying little attention to proper security measures, until the next rush of adrenaline propels them to re-establish IT infrastructure.

Anyone who has tried running without stretching or wearing suitable shoes knows how uncomfortable it can be. If not right now, the next day when your muscles protest, “There’s no way we’re getting out of bed today.”

It is more effective to devote effort into identifying the ideal technology for you in the IT world. It’s a marathon, not a sprint, to keep up with the latest device or to avoid the latest attack. You should be working on it all the time.

Minimize IT Risk with an Integrated Approach

Long-term security is provided through consistent procedures such as continual equipment maintenance and software patching. Updating IT to better handle dangers or increase productivity is better to making a major purchase.

Furthermore, by taking the time to consider your purchases, you can ensure that you buy technology that:

  •  Integrates with your current IT environment; 
  •  Solves problems specific to your business needs; 
  •  Reduces your cybersecurity risks in the short and long term; 
  •  Does not overcomplicate your infrastructure.

Consider the marathon runner who plans his or her training 12 weeks in advance of the big race. They’re much less likely to give up or injure themselves. Taking a long-term approach to your IT requirements has the same advantages. You’re less likely to forget about it after the dash, resulting in costly downtime.

Managed Service Provider as Running Coach

You may have seen sprinter and distance runner coaches if you watched the Olympics. A managed service provider (MSP) can also be of great assistance in your initiatives to improve your cybersecurity muscles.

To acquire access to IT specialists, work with an MSP. They can help safeguard networks, maintain technology, and consult on updates. Rather than paying for a last-minute remedy, plan your budget around lower, more predictable rates for preventative care.

Yes, we can assist you if you need to hurry. MSPs have the skills to diagnose and resolve complex IT issues, but we’d rather run the race alongside you, assisting you in keeping your IT environment in top shape mile after mile.

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