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One Virtual Desktop to Rule Them All?

With cloud computing at the front line of most IT provider’s Technology Solutions, virtual desktops have taken a backseat.

But what is a virtual desktop and how exactly could it benefit your business where the cloud may not?

This article will give you an understanding of virtual desktop technology and how it could drastically reduce your IT management costs.

The Basics:

A virtual desktop is very similar to your everyday, normal desktop. The only difference is that a virtual desktop is running somewhere central that can be managed.

Many businesses will have them running in either a data center or the cloud. The good news is that almost all standard PC’s and Mac’s support this feature.

The Management:

Due to the central management, you can have as many virtual desktops running as your company needs.

With all of your virtual desktops running in a central location, your IT provider can easily manage and maintain your services. In most instances, virtual desktop software runs on a server. Your provider can readily keep your server secure, up to date, and patched with the latest virus protections. The easier it is for your IT provider to manage your system, the lower your overall cost will be.

The Application:

Virtual desktops give you the ability to access your desktop anywhere that you have internet connection. Just like how the cloud provides access to all of your data, a virtual desktop allows you to access your applications.

For example, you may have a dedicated piece of software or application that you want to run at multiple locations. With a virtual desktop environment in place, each desktop is customized for a specific user with all of the applications already installed through the central server.

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