US Gearing Up for Russian CyberAttacks

White House Heads Warning about Potential Russian Cyberattacks

In this week’s Tech News let’s go over the White Houses warning to US businesses with the need to bulk up their cybersecurity defense.

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks.

And while the majority of the attacks have taken place between the two countries, there is a very real possibility that additional countries will be targeted by Russian cyber-attacks as a result of the sanctions imposed on the country.

Following his declared sanctions, President Joe Biden stated that the administration has been working to improve national cyber security measures for some time now.

In order to ensure that water, electricity, and oil pipeline services are not put at high risk of attack, they are focusing their efforts on infrastructure.

How to Prepare your Business

The White House has also issued a warning to all organizations, as well as some excellent cyber security recommendations.

In order to protect themselves from cyber-attacks and other data security concerns, organizations should take a number of steps right now to safeguard their information.

If you need somewhere to start, consider installing multi-factor authentication. This is when you produce a login code on another device proving you are the one logging into the system.

Backups of important data should be verified on a regular basis. In an ideal world, you keep a copy of the data offline that they cannot alter during a cyber-attack.

You should also encrypt all data. This will mean that if someone were to gain access to it, it would be worthless and unusable.

It’s also a good idea to have an emergency plan in place. One that you can implement swiftly and successfully in the event of a terrorist attack.

More so, businesses should provide their employees with training. They should be able to help recognize and avoid the usual tactics used by cyber criminals.

These cyberattacks include phishing, in which the perpetrator sends an email appearing to be someone else. In addition, they create bogus login web pages, hoping that you will enter your real login information by accident.

Get the Necessary Help

If you currently have an IT service provider, you should consult with them. Ensure that all of your systems are properly up to date and patched as needed.

They can also assist you in conducting audits to determine how well you are performing with the items listed above. As well as putting a plan in place to assist you in responding to an attack or attempted assault.

In the event that you do not have an IT support partner, we’re here to help. We’d be happy to recommend some cybersecurity options right for you.

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Published with permission from Your Tech Updates.