Helpdesk Services

Gain assistance, receive support, and troubleshoot IT. The helpdesk option allows your company to subscribe to our technical support service. When issues arise, documentation starts, activities are tracked on tickets and reported regularly.

Onsite and Remote Support

Fewer disruptions when we provide unlimited onsite and remote support of your IT infrastructure.

Network Design & Deployment

Stay Connected! Scale your infrastructure, improve wireless connectivity and secure your IP networks with a seamless infrastructure is made possible with an improved network design.

Managed Antivirus

Installation of software on computers and other device to manage solution and protect computers. Ensure scanners are up-to-date and schedule scans for convenient time.

Managed Backups

We prevent data loss by implementing a comprehensive, regulatory compliant cloud backup and recovery plan that fits the needs of your business.

24/7 Monitoring and Alerting

We monitor customers’ infrastructure 24/7 to identify and remediate problems as they arise. We configure remote management software on each supported device and continuously monitor servers, work stations and other network devices.

Regularly scheduled updates/patches

Security updates and reporting tools are included with our network services.

Hardware Break/Fix Support

Repairs and maintenance, your systems get back up and running again in no time.

On-Demand Virtual CIO Support

Virtual CIO included in your complete management services package designed to lead your IT efforts and take responsibility for your IT strategies and investments. In just a single meeting, you benefit from STG’s experience operating in diverse IT environments as we develop your business IT Roadmap- leveraging technology to reach your business goals