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9 Cool Ways Small Businesses Can Use Generative AI

AI is here to stay with no turning back. Software companies are quickly adding it to a wide range of business products. This includes programs like Salesforce and Microsoft 365, among others. Here are 9 cool ways small businesses can use generative AI.

At this point, we’re all talking about Artificial Intelligence. Concerns about the future of AI are widespread. But, there’s no question that it can help do some tasks more efficiently. It can generate images on demand. Or write things like a company privacy policy in a manner of minutes.

Staying ahead often means keeping up to date with emerging technologies. Even when you’re a little unsure about what lies ahead.

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) differs from the AI of the past few years. It can create, maximize, and innovate. These functions can be revolutionary for businesses of all kinds.

Through the use of generative AI, small businesses have access to a wide range of opportunities. This covers everything from improving customer experience to optimizing workflows.

Have you felt overwhelmed by the variety of AI tool options? Not sure where to start or how it will benefit your business? Let’s explore some clever and cool ways to use GenAI.

1. Tailor Customer Experience

Generative AI programs can easily collect and analyze customer data and preferences. It is able to generate custom experiences for each.

48% of clients want special treatment in exchange for their company loyalty.

Here are a few ways AI can help you enhance the client experience:

  • Tailored product suggestions
  • Customized advertising messages
  • Personalized coupons
  • Proactive engagement

These things help small businesses build brand loyalty increasing customer satisfaction.

2. Creating Presentations and Graphics

It takes time to create a compelling sales presentation. Automating this process can be done with AI techniques. One example of this is Microsoft Copilot. It can produce a presentation using questions and meeting notes. Including pictures!

Have you ever struggled to locate a promotional image? Inform the new Bing AI tool what you need. Several options can be tailored to the description you give.

3. Customer Service Chatbots

Chatbots with artificial intelligence (AI) on websites and social media are becoming ubiquitous. Now small businesses can provide instant customer support without having to hire someone. And it’s just what people expect these days.

These chatbots can handle a variety of requests and frequently asked questions. They can also help customers with product inquiries and transactions.

They help small businesses offer 24/7 customer support without incurring additional costs for overtime.

4. Insights and Data Analysis

Generative AI can process large datasets to produce valuable insights. Small businesses can use AI algorithms to sort through important information.

For example:

  • Market trends
  • Consumer behavior
  • Data operations

These findings can help in the decision-making process. Which can help businesses improve their offering and marketing strategies.

5. Prototyping and Product Design

Using AI in the product design process enables companies to quickly look through a wide range of design options. AI systems are capable of producing simulations and prototypes. They follow certain guidelines in doing this. Small businesses can use this to see products before spending money on real prototypes.

6. Supply Chain Optimization

Supply chain operations can be optimized through AI. It has the ability to forecast demand, spot inefficiencies, and recommend inventory levels. It eliminates the possibility of human error. Additionally, it relieves teams of tiresome administrative labor.

Small companies can increase productivity while cutting expenses. AI streamlines the supply chain considerably. This guarantees that goods are easily accessible to consumers when they need them.

7. Adjustable Price Plans

AI-powered pricing algorithms can aid businesses in setting more competitive prices. Setting a price for your goods and services can be difficult. It’s important not to go either high or too low.

AI enables businesses to quickly analyze:

  • Market trends
  • Competitor pricing
  • Customer behavior

These data insights help businesses optimize their pricing strategies. In response to demand, small businesses can also dynamically modify their prices. This can help maximize profits while sustaining market competitiveness.

8. Human Resources and Recruitment

Generative AI can make the hiring process more efficient. Sorting through resumes is a labor-intensive part of the hiring process. A lot of applicants never even get to the interview stage.

AI can help by screening applicants and evaluating resumes. It may even be useful while doing preliminary interviews. Small businesses can find the best candidates to help drive their growth.

9. Predictable Maintenance

Production line downtime can be expensive. Preventive upkeep is essential to prevent this. Generative AI can be useful in this regard as well.

Based on data analysis, the technology can forecast maintenance requirements. It assists companies in averting expensive outages. It takes care of maintenance needs in a proactive manner. Moreover, it guarantees efficient operations.

Not Sure How Your Business Can Use Generative AI?

For small businesses, generative AI opens them to a new range of possibilities. It can also add the the complexity of a technology infrastructure.

We can help you use it effectively and affordably. Reach out today to schedule a chat.

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