Will You Be Trying the All-New Teams?

Microsoft is giving its collaboration platform Teams, a makeover. The goal is to make it work quickly and easily. And we could all use a bit of that. Will you be trying the all-new Teams?

Think of this new Teams as a Mac and Windows superhero app. It’s at least twice as fast as the original version and uses half the memory and disk space.

Microsoft is reimagining the platform from scratch, making it easier to use and more flexible. Now Teams:

  • performs better with third-party apps
  • is content making phone calls outside of Teams
  • allows you to get to meetings quicker than you can say “not another meeting.”

Perks of New Teams

This new version of Teams uses technology that enhances it to share resources with your browser. Requiring less memory and disk space.

And the first rounds of testing? Sees Teams loading twice as fast when launching the app, joining meetings, and switching between channels and chats.

And these features aren’t limited to Windows-only businesses. Team’s performance boost is also available on Mac.

Microsoft claims that your productivity will soar with this update. They’ve already made improvements to the user interface, adding a “mark all as read” feature in activity.

In addition, they will be launching Copilot, an AI assistant that can transcribe important details from your meetings and chats. It’s like having your own personal assistant minus the coffee runs.

Are you prepared for all the Teams update has in store? It’s rolling out now. Check the top left corner of your Teams app… and see if it allows you to “try the new Teams.” If so, flip it on and give it a try.

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