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Get Ready for Teams to Just Get Better

Imagine an AI-powered experience that increases overall productivity to unprecedented levels while streamlining your company communications. It does sound a bit like science fiction. But this future is closer than you think, according to Microsoft’s most recent announcement. Get ready for Teams to just get better with Microsoft introducing an “AI library” to completely transform the experience.

The Goal

The goal of this new AI addition enable developers to integrate Large Language Models (LLMs) into the Teams apps. At the moment, ChatGPT is the most well-known LLM.

You may be wondering how that will help your business.

In essence, this could mean having a highly advanced AI at your disposal during your Teams meetings.

The AI library, which is rolling out right now, will allow developers to incorporate LLMs into their products with a set of code functionalities. This implies the simple creation of Adaptive Cards, Message Extensions, and Bots for a more engaging conversational experience.

According to Microsoft, the AI library will also help for a smooth migration of existing Adaptive Cards, Message Extensions, and Bots into Teams.

Isn’t this the same company providing us with the Copilot tool? Yep. Microsoft first announced GPT-4 integration with its Copilot tool in March 2023. Copilot can create emails, generate reports, and – in Microsoft’s words – “rediscover the soul of work”. Who knew AI could be so poetic?

Let’s not forget to mention the recent tools that use AI to generate meeting notes, recommend follow-up actions, and even offer timeline markers so users can quickly access important portions of a call.

Microsoft Teams wants to revolutionize how we interact with AI. This is all about creating new opportunities for efficiency and productivity, not just about making our lives easier. We are eager to see what the new AI library has in store. Get ready for Teams to just get better!

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