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Implications of the MGM & Caesars Ransomware Attack

MGM just paid MILLIONS in Ransomware… Let’s talk about it.

In recent news, the cyberattacks on MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are proving to be a major event in cybersecurity.

These attacks are not only disrupting the technology sector but also sending shockwaves throughout the business world.

In this post, we’ll get into details, implications, and why this is such a big deal in the community.

Cyberattack on MGM Resorts

Just a few weeks ago, MGM Resorts International found itself grappling with a major cybersecurity issue.

The entertainment and hospitality giant saw its entire IT system become compromised, including its main website, online reservations, ATMs, and much more.

As you can imagine, this was a significant blow to their operations.

MGM Resorts caters to more than its casinos; it’s a massive corporation with thousands of employees and millions of customers.

When these systems go down, it affects not only their guests but also their revenue.

The Ransomware Group Behind the Attack

The attack on MGM Resorts is the work of the notorious ransomware group, BlackCat, also known as APLHV.

We have delved into this group and its multiple victims, so check out those videos if you want to learn more.

BlackCat claims to have infiltrated MGM’s infrastructure, encrypted ESXi hypervisors, and even exfiltrated data, leaving the company with a tough decision – whether to pay the ransom or face further attacks.

This group’s tactics are alarming.

Experts believe they consist of young English-speaking individuals who are known for their social engineering skills. 

Their demands can reach into millions of dollars, putting immense pressure on targeted companies. 

Caesars Entertainment Cyberattack

But that’s not all; there’s a twist to the story.

We find out that Caesars Entertainment, another major casino operator, paid a hefty $15 million ransom to a cybercrime group just days before MGM’s attack. 


Two major players in the industry were hit by cyberattacks in a matter of weeks, and both targets of the same group.

This stands as a warning sign about the audacity and sophistication of these cybercriminals.

Caesars paid a significant sum to regain control of their systems, and they anticipate minimal impact on their bottom line, thanks to cyber insurance.

The Big Deal for the Business World

You, the average person, might be asking yourself, “What’s the big deal?”,”Why would this affect my business?”

Unfortunately, this is a big deal and it will affect your business.

Firstly, because the scale of these attacks shows that no company is immune to cyber threats.

Even giants like MGM and Caesars can fall victim.

Second, the financial impact is colossal. 

These attacks cost millions, and companies may have to pay hefty ransoms to avoid further damage. Small to medium-sized businesses have a harder time recovering from attacks of any size.

Third, it highlights the importance of cybersecurity.

As businesses rely more on technology, they NEED robust IT services, support, and managed service providers.

In conclusion, these cyberattacks on MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment are not just isolated incidents. 

They are wake-up calls for businesses everywhere.  Cybersecurity is no longer a choice; it’s a necessity. 

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