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Learn What You Can Do With Microsoft Universal Print

In the age of digital workspaces, we still find use for the printer. At least this is true for most businesses. However, keeping up with your print maintenance can be pretty time-consuming. A printer breaking down can bring your work to a halt. Maybe it’s time to learn what you can do with Microsoft Universal Print.

Another issue to consider is keeping up with all those printer drivers. In the absence of firmware updates, vulnerabilities exist. An entire network can become infected with malware from one unprotected printer.

Microsoft is come up with a solution to simplify print management. The name is Microsoft Universal Print. It provides cutting-edge solutions to traditional print issues.

Looking to better handle document printing? Do you wish there was a way to prevent printing issues? We’re discussing the advantages and features of Microsoft Universal Print. We’ll help you learn how it can improve your printing environment.

Advantages of Using Microsoft Universal Print

Microsoft Universal Print leverages the power of Azure and Microsoft 365. You no longer require complex on-premises print infrastructure. Here are a few ways it can help improve document handling:

Printing Management Made Simple

Microsoft Universal Print no longer requires on-premises print servers. Print management becomes simpler and all in one place. Businesses can use the cloud to centrally manage their printing requirements.

The need for complex print server configurations is gone by this ease of use. As well as driver setups and print queue management. From this comes significant time and cost savings.

Integrate Seamlessly with Microsoft 365

The seamless integration of Universal Print with Microsoft 365 is a major benefit. It works together with Azure Active Directory. This guarantees users a safe and authenticated printing experience.

Thanks to this connectivity, users can print from any device, including Windows PC, Mac, and mobile devices. No complicated setup or driver installations required. The printing process is made easy. And it increases productivity for employees working across different platforms.

Scalability and Flexibility

Microsoft Universal Print is making print operations more scalable and flexible. It supports both modern and legacy printers. It allows companies to leverage their existing printer fleet.

Universal Print makes connecting simple. This holds true whether the printer is a network printer or local printer. As well as management through the cloud. It also provides centralized management and monitoring of printers. This allows for simple scaling up or down based on company needs.

Easier Printer Deployment

A company’s printer deployment process can take a long time. This procedure is made simpler with Microsoft Universal Print. This is accomplished through a centralized platform for printer management.

Printer configuration is now much simpler for administrators. They are able to assign specific users or groups. As well as control printer settings from a single interface. This does away with the need for manual device configuration. Which is time-consuming and problematic. Plus, it guarantees a similar printing experience throughout the entire company.

Improve Security and Compliance

The security features of Microsoft Universal Print are another major advantage. And businesses SHOULD be concerned about their printer security, especially with the current state of cyber threats. Microsoft Universal Print uses Azure Active Directory to improve security. Azure is used for access control and authorization.

It also supports safe print release. This implies that sensitive documents are only printed under specified circumstances. Specifically, if the authorized user is in front of the printer.

Microsoft Universal Print also integrates with Endpoint Manager. Giving businesses more capabilities. Admins can control print-related settings and enforce security policies all from one place.

Can You Benefit from Universal Print?

Microsoft Universal Print is a modern and effective way to approach printing. It simplifies the printing process for businesses. It also does away with the requirement of complicated on-site print infrastructure. Plus all the security advantages.

But is it for you?

We can help you fully grasp the capabilities Microsoft Universal Print has to offer and weigh the benefits vs. the cost. Depending on your printing needs, you can decide if this solution is right for you. Keep in mind how often your business prints, and the amount of endpoints you have.

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