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Browse with Confidence Thanks to Microsoft Edge’s Increased Security

Browsing the internet is sometimes risky. One click on a malicious website could put the data from your company at risk. With cybercriminals using automated tools to target businesses, it’s important to stay one step ahead when it comes to online security. It’s time to browse with confidence thanks to Microsoft Edge’s increased security measures.

We’re thrilled that Microsoft is developing a major security update for its Edge browser, which will give users a higher level of security.

You can expect new security features as well as upgrades to the current ones.

Perhaps you are already familiar with tools like Password Monitor. This feature will notify you when any of your previously saved passwords become exposed as a result of a data breach, prompting you to change them right away.

You can also use SmartScreen technology to protect yourself from malware and phishing attempts.

This tool compares websites to a list of known malicious sites and scans URLs for any suspicious activity or patterns. Before you even enter the site, you will receive an alert if it notices anything amiss.

Why Care About Security Updates

In the end, using a less secure browser could expose you to a variety of online threats. It’s crucial to stay up to date with the newest security measures since cybercriminals are continuously developing new ways to take advantage of software vulnerabilities.

Let’s face it – nobody likes to deal with the fallout from a cyberattack. The effects of a breach can be long lasting and severe, and can include dealing with financial losses, identity theft, or simply the trouble of clearing up the mess.

By using a safe browser like Edge, you lessen the chances of becoming a target of such attacks.

Obviously, not everyone is an expert on cybersecurity. Microsoft is making it simple to stay safe without the need of a computer science degree.

There is no need to worry about manually configuring anything because the new security features are integrated and simple to use. You can browse the internet without worrying.

Give Edge a try if you haven’t already. And get in contact if you ever need help optimizing the Microsoft 365 suite for your company.

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