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Is It Time to Switch to More Secure Passkeys?

The most popular and least secure way of authentication is a password. That’s right, because passwords are notoriously easy to guess or steal. Plus, there’s the problem of people using the same password for multiple accounts. Making them more susceptible to online attacks. So ask yourself, is it time to switch to more secure passkeys?

People have a large number of passwords they need to remember. As a result, they develop bad password-making habits which make it easier for cybercriminals to hack. For example, making easy-to-remember passwords and storing passwords in an insecure way.

In 61% of data breaches, the login credentials were stolen or compromised.

In recent years, the more effective solution to this problem is the creation of passkeys. Passkeys are way more secure than passwords. Additionally, they provide a more convenient way of logging into your accounts.

Passkey Authentication: What is it?

The way a passkey works is simple. It will generate a unique code for each login attempt. The server will then verify this code. Each code is created using information about the user and the device they are logging into with.

Think of a passkey as a digital credential. An individual cam use passkeys to log into an online service or a cloud-based account. There is no longer a need for a username and password.

This authentication process uses Web Authentication (WebAuthn) technology. This is a fundamental part of the authentication protocol FIDO2. It uses public-key cryptography for user verification rather than a special password.

A user will keep their authentication key on their device. This would be a laptop, a smartphone, or a security key device. This user can then login to websites that have enabled passkeys.

Benefits of Using Passkeys Over Passwords

More Secure

Passkeys have the benefit of being more secure than passwords. Hacking a passkey is more challenging. This is especially true if the key is generated using both device and biometric data.

Biometric data includes things like a user’s fingerprint of facial recognition technology. Device information can include things like MAC address or location. Because of this, it is considerably more difficult for hackers to access your account.

More Convenient

The additional benefit to passkeys is that they are simply more practical than passwords. Users of password authentication often need to remember a series of complex passwords. This can be both time-consuming and challenging.

It is very common for an employee to forget their password and have to reset it, which slows them down. It takes, on average, 3 minutes and 46 seconds for someone to reset their password.

Passkeys eliminate the problem by providing a single code. You can use the same code across all your accounts. This makes accessing your accounts much simpler. It also lessens the possibility of losing or forgetting your password.


Phishing is a very common scam to get credentials. Scammers send emails to users claiming there is a problem with their accounts. They click a link to access a fake login page created to capture their username and password.

This does not happen for users who choose to authenticate accounts with a passkey. It wouldn’t matter even if a hacker was able to gain the user’s password. To compromise the account, they would need the device passkey authentication.

Disadvantages to Using Passkeys

Passkeys are looking to be the authentication tool of the future. However, there are several difficulties you might into when adopting them at this time.

Not Widely Adopted

The lack of widespread use of passkeys is one of the main drawbacks. Cloud services and numerous websites still use passwords. They are not yet passkey capable.

At this point in time, users will still need to use passwords for some accounts in addition to passkeys. This will be the case until passkeys are more generally used. Using passkeys for some accounts while using passwords for others can seem like too much.

Passkeys Require Additional Hardware and Software

Passwords have the advantage of being free and simple to use. You simply create one when signing up for a website or app.

In order to produce and confirm these codes, passkeys require additional hardware and software. Initially, it may be expensive for businesses to implement. But having better security and user experience can result in potential savings. The benefits of passkeys outweigh the cost.

Prepare for the Future of Authentication

The overall consensus is that passkeys are the more practical and safe password solution. They offer a more convenient way of logging into your accounts and are harder to hack. But passkeys are still in the minority of credential choice. Businesses may need to budget for future implementation.

In spite of these challenges, passkeys offer a viable solution to password troubles. To the issue of weak passwords specifically. They also have the potential to improve cybersecurity. With the idea that they are easier to use and manage, it will increase productivity for both individuals and businesses.

Interested in Increasing Identity & Account Security?

Take advantage of the new passkey authentication and explore how your business can benefit from it. It’s the perfect time to start easing into it and begin implementing it in your organization.

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