Don’t Let Old Tech Put Your Business at Risk

When you go to replace an old computer or external hard drive, you do remove the data first? Don’t let old tech put your business at risk. You could be putting your sensitive data at risk.

According to a recent study, millions of deleted files are being uncovered from hard drives that have been improperly wiped being sold online.

It won’t only be these new buyers having access to your old files. Cybercriminals often purchase used hard drives to try and recover old data from them. This can include everything from client information to private company documents.

When you’re excited over the prospect of new technology, it’s easy to forget to take the time to properly wipe the old ones. But before you sell or throw away old devices, you should think about what’s on it.

This goes even if the device’s data is encrypted. There’s even the chance of recovering data from a damaged device. When it comes to sensitive information, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Think about it. Would you keep sensitive documents just lying around for everyone to see? Obviously not! Your digital data requires the same level of precaution.

How to Protect Yourself

Keep your old hard drives from becoming a liability. Before getting rid of them, take the time to have them thoroughly wiped or destroyed. Consider hiring a specialist to manage the data transfer and make sure that your outdated gear is completely erased before you get new hardware.

This goes beyond protecting yourself. It’s about safeguarding the privacy of your staff, customers, and anyone else whose personal data you could have stored on the old drive.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your data is secure from prying eyes is worth the tiny expenditure.

Don’t let old tech put your business at risk:

  • Properly wipe old hard drives or destroy them
  • Hire a professional to handle your hardware upgrades
  • Upgrade your overall security procedures

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