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Why You Should Wait to Update Windows 11

Microsoft announces the option for people to trial the new Windows 11 features before their general release. This week, we go over why you should wait to update Windows 11.

Usually, we tell users to update for fixes in security flaws, but everyone gets those at the same time.

This update is strictly for businesses who want to skip the line and get the updates and new features first.

Sounds intriguing?


Worth the risk?

Not exactly.

What do we suggest?

Patience is a virtue!

Why You Should Wait to Update

Yes, the temptation of new features can be very alluring… And nobody enjoys waiting. Though, there are always risks associated with any trial period.

As a business, bugs, errors, or other roadblocks could negatively impact your operations, potentially leading to chaos in your everyday workflow.

There is a particular benefit to waiting out a thorough trial period where other people test out these features. Since they are the ones dealing with any complexities, by the time you get the new features, they’ll be polished and dependable. And isn’t that more important to running your business as smoothly as possible?

Trust us, when it comes to your business systems, it’s best to go with the safest option. Although the benefits of early adoption may seem enticing, you don’t want to end up being the guinea pig.

Good things come to those who wait!

We always want our clients to stay up to date with the latest technology and software updates, but there are instances when caution is key, and this is one of those times. Don’t let the appealing new features tempt you.

Microsoft is already loaded with a ton of tried and true features that will help increase productivity and improve workflow. We devote a lot of time to assisting businesses in finding the best solutions for them. If we can help you do the same, get in touch!

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