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Customer-Facing Technologies That Will Benefit You

Consumers are looking for convenience. Which often refers to the technology that makes their lives simpler. Whether it’s a web form or POS system, you constantly are keeping the consumer experience in mind. Here is our list of customer-facing technologies that will benefit you as much as them.

When people have a bad experience with a business, they tend to leave. And their experience might have nothing to do with your goods or services. Perhaps they had trouble navigating your website. They might have a question, but no one was available to answer it.

Customers expect that you will make doing business with them simple. Companies that do, profit from it. Companies that are customer-centric are on average 60% more profitable than those that don’t.

Technology is key when converting website visitors into clients. It’s essential for keeping clients happy and getting them to buy again.

Where should you focus your efforts? Here are some suggestions for various business budgets.

Cloud Forms

Do you still email forms in Microsoft Word to your clients? Making use of cloud-based forms will improve this experience significantly. Your customers do not have to remember to fill out a form on their computer and email it back. Instead, they can click a link and submit the information electronically from any device.

Moving your forms to the cloud will make things simpler for you too. The data from the form is automatically collected. These systems also compile the forms and offer analytics on the data.

Plus, if you use Microsoft 365, you already have a cloud-form tool. Search for Microsoft Forms in your applications or simply go through the Microsoft website.

Digital Signatures

By 2024, experts believe that eSigniture use will increase by 69%. More contracts are being signed thanks to the option of digital signatures. Now, you don’t have to print out a form, sign it, and then scan it back in. Any of those steps might result in a mistake that can prolong the process.

Printers can run out of ink. Scanners are always causing problems. The list continues. Any issue like this can cause a client to reconsider signing a document you need to continue.

Digital signatures streamline the process. The transactions can be handled online. You also ensure the signature is legally binding.

Smart Chatbot

People like to ask questions before they invest in buying something. They will take their business elsewhere if they can’t get a quick and easy answer.

Chatbots are really smart these days. They can successfully answer a large percentage of repeat questions with ease. They are also available 24/7 on your website and always ready to help.

And actually, a lot of customers enjoy them. Consumer satisfaction is up 68% with the use of helpful chatbots. They enjoy getting their questions answered right away by a bot. This isn’t always the case when customers send emails.

SMS Notifications

Another tool that can enhance customer experience is SMS notifications. Junk mail has overrun emails, and it can be impossible to sort. People prefer text messages when they need information about a shipment or purchase. They won’t miss the message and it’s easier to find.

When sending out alerts to clients, consider using SMS notifications. Make sure you have a means for people to opt-in and out. Giving a customer the option of which alerts they wish to receive like payment notifications, sales, or shipping alerts.

Business Mobile App

Let’s face it, most people use their phones to do most of everything these days. Which means they are transitioning from websites to apps. The internet isn’t going away anytime soon, but apps are becoming far more popular. Mostly due to the increase in mobile use.

When people are using their phones, they prefer apps over websites. Studies show that mobile users spend 90% of their time using apps, and just 10% on the internet browser.

Consider creating a mobile app for your company. Customers may find it simpler to do business with you as a result. Additionally, it provides you with another stream for marketing and customer service.

If an app from scratch isn’t in the budget, you might want to start with a “wrapper” app. These are solutions that take your current website and turn it into an app.

VoIP Phone System

Your phone system is an integral part of your internal IT. It is one of your technologies with the most customer contact. Customers’ phone experiences greatly influence how they perceive your company.

VoIP phone systems allow staff to assist consumers wherever they are. Even when they are away from their desks. They also make it possible for features like voicemail to email, group ring, and auto-attendant. The relationship between callers and your company is improved by all these aspects.

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