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WordPress Breach Might Put Your Business At Risk

Does your business run its website on WordPress? Well, this recent WordPress breach might put your business at risk. 

Let’s get into it.

As an MSP, our goal is to help small to medium-sized businesses protect their online assets from cyber threats.

That’s why it’s important to talk about threats as we discover them. Most recently, the threat happens to be through WordPress. With so many businesses running their websites through WordPress, this could be a big risk to you.

WordPress Plugin Breach

Recently, BleepingComputer reports on attackers using an abandoned WordPress plugin to backdoor websites.

This is a significant issue because WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world, and many businesses rely on it to run their websites.

So, what is this abandoned plugin, and how does it work?

The plugin in question is called “CP Contact Form with PayPal” and it has not seen an update since 2017.

Attackers tend to exploit vulnerabilities like this plugin which allows them to add a backdoor to WordPress sites. This backdoor gives them unauthorized access to the site, and they can use it to steal sensitive information or inject malicious code.

Risk to Small to Medium-Size Businesses

Now, let’s talk about how this might affect the average small to medium-sized business. 

Basically, if your business uses WordPress and has this plugin installed, you could be at risk.

Attackers can exploit this vulnerability to gain access to your website and steal your customers’ data, your financial information, and even your intellectual property. 

This is not an isolated incident. Abandoned plugins are a common target for attackers because they are no longer updated or maintained, leaving them vulnerable to exploits.

As an MSP, it is our job to ensure that our clients are aware of these threats and take appropriate action to mitigate the risks. 

What can you do to Protect Your Business?

Firstly, if you use WordPress, make sure to update all your plugins to the latest versions. 

Additionally, check to see if you have the “CP Contact Forn with PayPal” plugin installed. 

If you do, remove it immediately. 

The best way to navigate these vulnerabilities is by working with professionals. 

MSPs are able to monitor your website for any signs of suspicious activity and take proactive measures to protect your online assets. 

Our team of experts can take proactive measures to protect your online assets and implement best practices for website security, such as strong passwords, regular backups, and firewalls.

This breach could be a serious threat that every small to medium-sized business needs to be aware of. 

Take proactive measures to protect your online assets and work with an MSP like us to ensure your website is secure.

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