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Microsoft 365 is Making Multi-Factor Authentication Even Easier

Microsoft 365 is making Multi-Factor Authentication even easier by adding it directly to the Outlook app for many Office 365 business users.

MFA is a very important tool in keeping hackers out of your online accounts. Every time you log into an account, you are given a one-time-only passcode to enter. Usually, it is sent to an authenticator app on your phone, which you must first download and set up.

You are also able to receive security codes through an SMS text message, a phone call, or a USB key that you plug into your computer.

A biometric login, such as your fingerprint or face ID, can often make the process go faster. It’s a small hassle, but the extra security it gives you far outweighs the few seconds it takes to get into your account.

Microsoft Wants to Save Us Time

Microsoft, on the other hand, isn’t so sure about those extra seconds. If the tech giant can help you save that much time, it will. It wants to make MFA easier to use for all Microsoft 365 business users.

It is rolling out the improvement by putting MFA directly into the Outlook app as a feature called Authenticator Lite. Up until now, you have to go through MFA on another app or with SMS login codes.

There are no updates yet on whether faster authentication will be made available for personal PCs. We’ll let you know if Microsoft announces its plans to roll this feature out to more hardware and operating systems.

If you aren’t already using MFA for your apps and online accounts, we highly recommend that all businesses do so as soon as possible. Having MFA alone protects your devices against the vast majority of cyber threats that exist today.

As Microsoft 365 makes Multi-Factor Authentication even easier, are you more likely to use it?

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