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Let’s Chat about AI

The world suddenly can’t stop talking about Artificial Intelligence. So, let’s chat about AI.

AI is already all around us. From Alexa in your kitchen to Siri on your phone, new names like ChatGPT, Dall-E, Jasper, and more seem to have taken the internet by storm.

The newer concepts allow us to go further than before. Making it possible for us to write articles, generate images, develop code, and find new ways to simplify our daily lives.

New technology almost always starts out in a flurry of geeky jargon before settling into daily life. The early PC users might remember the “DOS prompt.” And when was the last time you had to “defrag” your phone?

The way humans interact with computers and technologies will be redefined by these new AI capabilities. Experts predict that they will serve as the foundation for a brand-new technological era.

Now let’s decode some of the terms you’ll encounter this year.


To start with the basics, a chatbot is a program that simulates human-to-human interaction. To get a response from the chatbot, simply text or talk normally to it. ChatGPT is an example of a chatbot. Try it out if you haven’t already.

Deep Learning

This method of learning from data is used to simulate how the human brain works. Modern search tools use pre-programmed algorithms to respond to requests. In order to respond in a human-like manner, AI technologies train on real-world concepts and conversations.

Machine Intelligence 

Machine intelligence is an umbrella term for machine learning and traditional algorithms. Will machine intelligence outshine human creativity?

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) 

Helps machines translate and understand the meaning of what we say. Even when we talk with grammatical errors or different regional accents.

Weak & Strong AI

Weak AI is probably the most common form of AI right now. It is non-sentient and often concentrates on a single or restricted range of tasks, such as writing or repurposing video content. On the other end, strong AI aims to create systems that are just as smart and capable as the human mind. Just not yet.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but rest assured that in the months and years to come, you’ll hear a lot more about AI.

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