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Is Your Security Prioritizing The Right Things?

You would lock your doors and windows to prevent an intruder from entering your home. You may even go further and build a fence around the perimeter and get a guard dog. But if someone has already broken into the basement, there is no point in making all of that effort. The same goes for your technology. Is your security prioritizing the right things?

Thousands of large businesses apply a security policy that doesn’t account for an intruder already getting inside.

The truth is, they are trying to make the right choice. They spend money on security software. They adopt a robust, multi-layered security strategy that incorporates all the measures we recommend, such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, trustworthy backup systems, and staff training.

However, they don’t focus enough on detection and response. Doing so entails putting together a strategy to stop attacks in their tracks as well as continuously scanning systems for any indication that a thief might have gotten access somewhere.

Businesses Are Wrongly Prioritizing Prevention Over Detection

According to a recent study, only one-third of businesses believe detection is their top priority, while the other two-thirds say prevention is their top priority.

That implies that they could be building a 10-foot wall around their systems that already have intruders inside.

Many in-house teams think the security measures they take are enough. But, the data shows that they might be too complacent. Even with great security in place, the report finds that more than eight out of ten businesses suffer more than one data breach per year.

Criminals are always looking for ways to get around security. This shows the need for a comprehensive strategy, with effective prevention AND detection measures being the strongest defense against the motivated criminals of today.

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