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Have You Had Personal Information Exposed in One of These Recent Data Breaches?

Internet browsers like Edge introduced breached password notifications for a reason. Data breaches happen and are an unfortunate part of life. They can leave individuals with costly consequences. Especially since hackers tend to steal identity and bank information. Have you had personal information exposed in one of these recent data breaches?

Every month, cybercriminals use a form of jacking software to breach over 4,800 websites. Today, it has become second nature to hear about a breach exposing customer data from major brands and companies.

Your passwords and personal information are vulnerable to hacking without your knowledge. Plus, it can take a while before someone reports the breach. One example of this is  The CafePress data breach.  This well-known internet merchant prints customized goods.

In February 2019, there was a data breach at CafePress. Millions of names, addresses, security questions, and other data were exposed during the hack. Hackers were also able to breach social security numbers that weren’t encrypted.

This breach took place in February 2022, but reports to customers didn’t come out until the end of summer. The FTC took legal action against the business for careless security practices.

The point is, months or even years can go by without you knowing about a security issue involving your information. You might not become aware of it unless you happen to look on the right website. Browsers have features to alert you on compromised passwords. But what if there is more information out there besides passwords?

The best way to defend yourself is to stay current with the knowledge out there. We’ll help you by pointing out a few recent breaches. If you’ve dealt with any of these businesses, you should take precautions to protect yourself from the repercussions.

Recent Data Breach Incidents That May Affect You

Microsoft Customer Data Breach

In October 2022, Microsoft announced a data breach that exposed customer data. The breach is a server misconfigurement. The leak made certain business transactions public. More than 65,000 companies worldwide may have been impacted by this hack.

Student Loan Breach Exposes 2.5 Million Records

Did you receive your student loan from EdFinancial and the Oklahoma Student Loan Authority (OSLA)? If so, you might have an issue. The organization let people know by letter in July 2022.

Breach of personal information includes:

  • social security numbers
  • emails addresses
  • home addresses
  • phone numbers

U-Haul Data Breach of 2.2 Million Individuals’ Data

U-Haul is a very well-known name. They also went through a major data breach. Rental contracts from November 2021 to April 2022 were compromised and individuals didn’t hear an announcement until August 2022.

This breach went on to expose 2.2 million drivers’ names, license plate numbers, and state identification numbers.

Neopets Breach Affecting 69 Million Accounts

You normally don’t suspect a charming website like Neopets to be a security risk. But, a service breach against users begs to differ. Emails and passwords from over 69 million accounts were taken.

Marriot Breach Caused By One Employee Computer

In July 2022, the hotel chain Marriott had another breach. One unsecured employee computer was to blame. Data on 300–400 people was compromised. Some of this material includes credit card numbers and other private details.

Sadly, the business exhibits a pattern of weak cybersecurity. Three security breaches within four years. If you stay there, it’s best to use cash or a pre-paid card to make your payment.

Shield Health Care Group Exposes Up to 2 Million Records

Shield Health Care Group discovered a compromise in March 2022. This Massachusetts-based business discovered that up to 2 million client records had been compromised by hackers. Social Security numbers, medical records, and other delicate personal information fall under this category.

8.2 million Current and Former Customers of Block Compromised

Block, a well-known payment-processing platform formally known as Square, declares in April 2022 it had been breached the previous December. A former employee was able to access customer names and brokerage account numbers. Plus, some accounts with stock trading information.

Crypto.com Breach Nets Hackers Over $30 Million

Although cryptocurrency may be popular right now, hacks can easily compromise it. More than 483 individuals’ wallets on Crypto.com were compromised in January 2022.

Two-factor authentication, which is often highly effective, was not enough to stop the attackers. About $18 million worth of bitcoin, $15 million worth of Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies were stolen.

Are Your Passwords Secure?

Have you had personal information exposed in one of these recent data breaches? There are plenty of options available to you to help manage and secure your passwords. For more information on preventing a breach of your personal data, give us a call.

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