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Cybersecurity Trends We Can Expect to See in 2023

2022 was quite the year for cybersecurity. Both positively and negatively. 2022 saw some of the biggest data breaches, but also some massive steps towards innovation. It’s safe to say this year will only top that in both challenge and opportunity. To prepare ourselves, we put together the cybersecurity trends we can expect to see in 2o23. 

In this post, we want to help prepare you for a year of growth. We’ll be breaking down the cybersecurity trends you can expect to see throughout 2023.

Let’s get into it. 

Partnerships & Advancements in the Security Industry

2023 will be the year we see maybe some of the most progress within the security industry as a whole. 

It’s no secret that hackers attack methods are becoming more advanced.  Despite that, the industry continues to innovate and make advancements in AI, cloud-computing, threat-tracking and end-to-end security solutions. 

And what’s more important is seeing the industry as a whole come together to address major security issues and flaws. 

No one business can succeed on its own, and I firmly believe when we all work together, pull our resources, knowledge and expertise, we can make the cyber landscape a better place. 

With continued collaboration and partnerships, 2023 will be the rise of the good guys. 

Data Driven Intelligence

Data is the only reliable source for determining the scope and size of a problem. 

Data provides the insight needed to learn the tactics and behaviors of attackers in order to create defenses against them. 

As the entire cloud-based ecosystem grows in 2023, we will see significant developments in the use of data in security, including new tools that motivate people and speed up response times. 

You can expect data-driven security intelligence to give us new insights into how to further strengthen cloud ecosystem security.

Evolution of Ransomware

Ransomware is unfortunately here to stay. So as much as I’d love to talk about the end of ransomware, I can only help you to protect yourself from the ever-evolving sector. 

Ransomware is a challenge we continue to face that is only getting worse. In 2022 alone, these attacks grew by 130%

Attackers employ known methods of ransomware because they work. And in 2023, you can expect these bad actors to begin using AI to quickly and accurately target critical infrastructure and supply chains. 

But this is also the year of ransomware defenders. 

With a mix of human and AI intelligence, innovation, and investment, we will be able to act faster and stop attackers before they cause more damage and restrict their ability to make money to fund other attacks. 

New Extortion Tactics

Besides ransomware, one of the current threats to security is extortion.

Due to new extortion techniques like “hack and leak” and data destruction, victims are under more pressure to pay up, which only further supports an attackers business model. 

While prevention is still the best course of action against extortion, the next best thing to do is concentrate on early detection and outbreak containment can help reduce the scope of a breach.

It is so important for organizations to have visibility into every aspect of their digital estate. 

This should span from clients to cloud across data, infrastructure, identity, and applications. 

It’s also crucial to take an “outside-in” perspective on IT infrastructure to identify which assets are vulnerable to attack and learn how to secure them. 

We hope to see growth in AI and threat intelligence that can be applied to identify and stop the spread on an attack, if not totally prevent an attack from happening. 

The proactive defense against cyber threats is a worldwide effort. 

I am optimistic that new shared knowledge and collaboration will help defend against today’s most challenging issues. 

Long Term Cloud Improvements to Cybersecurity

If you’ve seen some of my other videos, you know there was a lot of concern surrounding Russia’s destructive cyberattack against Ukraine in 2022. 

It brought about a new era of cybersecurity, the age of hybrid war. 

Proven from 2022, the cloud offers the best physical and logical security against cyberattacks. 

As a result of innovation that strengthens cloud cybersecurity by extending AI capabilities, critical infrastructure and other businesses are more encouraged to move to the cloud. 

With strict access control, the cloud offers a multiple layered approach to cybersecurity. 

If you haven’t already, look into some cloud-based solutions, particularly for backups. —

We have a big year ahead of us. 

Check out last week’s blog post where we talk about Hackers Using Google Ads to Spread Malware.

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