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Windows is Becoming the Primary Target for Cyber Attacks

If you’re wondering why Windows is becoming the primary target for cyber attacks, it’s simple. It’s due to Microsoft’s huge dominance in the workplace. Cybercriminals want to access your information, interfere with your business, or demand ransom for your data.

Tens of millions of malware attacks were discovered this year alone. And a whopping 95% of which were targeting Windows.

A lot of these attacks are unsuccessful, but those that succeed tend to wreck havoc on the businesses they target. Therefore, you must make sure you are implementing the available safety measures to protect both your company and your data.

Good Cyber Hygiene: 

  • Hardware and software companies often offer updates to address threats to Windows users. As well as regular security patches created specifically to meet with new threats. Install these updates and patches as soon as they are available.
  • Offer regular training to your staff on how to spot cybersecurity dangers and what to do if they suspect one.
  • Additionally, it’s important that you have a solid resilience plan in place because it’s impossible to completely secure every business 100% from threats.

This plan should specify exactly how your business should respond in the event of a cyberattack and who ought to be informed in order to take appropriate action. The best method to mitigate the effects of any potential attack is to report it as soon as you can, and have it on a document that everyone has access to.

If you work with an IT service provider, they can give you the best advice and recommendations to keep your business safe and secure, train your staff, and even monitor your network to spot any potential threats before they become an issue.

This is something we do on a daily basis. So do get in touch if we can help your business become more resilient.

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