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What VoIP Features Are Most Beneficial for Small Businesses?

It was only a few years ago when VoIP was still considered a “different” kind of business phone system. It was not in use by the majority. However, since the pandemic, this view has changed. Now internet-based phone systems have become essential for maintaining business operations. So, what VoIP features are most beneficial for small businesses?

Let’s get into it.

The truth is, the pandemic is the main reason for the skyrocketing of video conferencing…. over 210%. The transition to remote work and hybrid offices is a majority of that increase. According to 67% surveyed companies say switching to VoIP helps call handling.

Therefore, there is no longer a need for a phone system in a single location. This makes it possible to manage a company with workers spread out across several locations.

In addition, VoIP helps reduce costs for businesses tremendously. The technology is significantly less expensive than a conventional landline system. Calling plans are also less expensive, and a business can easily add extra numbers for a relatively small fee.

For small businesses, VoIP has a number of useful benefits. However, owners are busy and may not have the time to enable them all.

You should be asking yourself what are the best features that drive efficiency, productivity, and positive caller experience.

Here’s our list of what VoIP features are most beneficial for small business.

Automated Call Attendant 

In many small businesses, the person who answers the calls typically has a lot of other tasks to do. With an automated call attendant, you can free up that person’s time and improve the caller’s experience.

The automated attendant acts like a business directory. Calls are routed to the appropriate staff member or department for you. You can record a kind welcome and a few questions for the caller. Examples include “press or say 1 for sales, 2 for technical help,”etc.

The caller is able to get the person where they need to go without having to repeat why they are calling. Both the person who answers the phone and the person who the call is being transferred will know.

Find Me/Follow Me

What is the best user feature for VoIP? Most employees say it’s the Find Me/Follow Me feature. This involves having a virtual phone number that is reachable on all platforms. Plus, staff can easily switch calls between one device to another.

You can answer calls whether you’re using a phone, computer, or in a conference room. With this function, communication is easier and you only need to use one phone number. Callers can use that number and to call via mobile, home office or onsite office.

On-Hold Music

It may seem insignificant to play calming music for waiting callers. But is can significantly improve customer satisfaction and lead generation activities.

We discovered some startling data from a study comparing hold music to silence. In the study, participants had to wait on hold for one minute. Results reveal:

  • On hold in silence: Over half of the callers hung up
  • On hold with music: Only 13% of callers hung up

In addition, 45% of the silent group that did not hang up thought they were on hold for 3-5 minutes. Even though it was only 1 minute. While 56% of those who were listening to music thought the wait time was under a minute.

So, you can see the impact of turning on that one simple feature in you VoIP system. You might even start to notice happier customers and fewer lead hang ups.

Voicemail to Email Transcription

When you come out of a long meeting, the last thing you want to go through is a long list of voicemails. To even know who to call first, you have to listen to each one.

There are plenty of VoIP providers that offer voicemail to email services. Which come with a transcript of the message. You can rank callbacks quickly by skimming the emails and reading the text. No need to hear every message first.

Ring Groups

If you have a small team, ring groups are a tool that can be extremely useful. It enables multiple numbers to ring at once until one person in the group picks up.

This implies that a caller can be helped by another employee rather than waiting for needing to leave a message. Ring groups can be the perfect setup for sales teams, account teams, and customer service teams.

Call Reporting

A great advantage to VoIP phone systems is the ability to receive real-time call reporting. When are you the most busy and when do you need to most staff? Do you find it frustrating when calls are not returned fast enough?

You’ll have more insight to this using your call reporting. Make sure you check these reports out and automate the ones you like so you can see them regularly.

Local Support

This isn’t always a system feature, but can be very important to have. If you use a VoIP system that is located halfway around the world, you won’t have access to local support when you need it.

Having someone that can come into your office is important. They can help you optimize ring groups, mobile apps, and more. All in addition to setting up VoIP desk phones. One of the most important pieces of technology is your business phone system. Make sure you get the local assistance you require to maintain dependability.

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