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Windows 12 is Coming, Here’s What We Know

Even though Windows 11 is just reaching its first birthday, we have already begun to hear the first whispers regarding what Windows 12 will bring. So Windows 12 is coming, here’s what we know so far.

Since this new operating system won’t be available until the latter part of 2024, there is currently no rush, but since we like to prepare for the future, here is what we now know.

As usual, Microsoft is being cautious about its plans and only provides vague details. However, we have been researching potential looks. And it’s… unique!

If our research is accurate, we’ll see the search bar moving into the top-center position and a floating taskbar dock. Instead of being at the bottom of the screen, the widget panel and Action Center will now be at the top.

Windows 12 Upgrades

Don’t expect major changes when it comes to hardware requirements, but hopefully they won’t cause the same problems as the first release of Windows 11. That’s because more PCs will be compatible out of the box.

Nevertheless, some of the security devices required with Windows 11 will grow more important given Microsoft’s continuous commitment to security.

More than anything, we can anticipate a stream of minor upgrades that will greatly impact user experience. Making Windows 12 reliable and bug free will be first priority, good news for all business users.

There will surely be more developments in the upcoming months. As we learn additional information from Microsoft, we’ll share the most important ones with you.

Now might be a perfect time to update to Windows 11 if you haven’t already. We can help you with that! If you’re considering upgrading, just get in touch.


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