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Are You Sharing Sensitive Data on Teams?

Are you sharing sensitive data on Teams? We know that Microsoft Teams is becoming one of THE most valuable business tool for the ways we work today.

No matter where your employees choose to work, they can interact and collaborate quickly and efficiently.

However, this remote method of work can also come with major security concerns.

Studies show that nearly half of all employees share sensitive data using Teams.

The problem grows larger as many employees choose to use their own devices instead of a company issued device. It simply lacks the security of business devices.

Many of these employees say that they have communicated “business-critical” data via personal devices. Even worse, 48% of respondents admit to mistakenly sending files to the wrong person.

So how can we make sure our employees utilize Teams in a safe and secure manner?

How to be Safer on Teams

The solution can be as simple as offering more training. Frequent training and cyber security awareness to all levels of your workforce, from trainee to CEO, is crucial.

You need to make sure you implement all the necessary precautions to protect your sensitive company data. Because if it goes into the wrong hands, the results can be a costly nightmare with possible legal action. Imagine if sensitive employee information was being shared outside the organization.

Even though Teams is apart of the Microsoft environment, it is still only as safe as the users and the devices on which it is installed on. So, are you sharing sensitive data on Teams?

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