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Are Employees Doing Less – Working From Home?

Microsoft has become the productivity leader over many decades. Can you image performing daily tasks without their software? The tech giant recently conducted a productivity survey where some of the result may surprise. One of them being, are employees doing less – working from home?

This productivity survey was taken from 20,000 people working from companies in 11 different countries.

What was discovered is that bosses truly don’t believe their staff are as productive when working from home.

To be exact, 80% of employers believe employees get less done when working remotely.

On the other side of this, 87% of employees felt they were MORE productive working from home.

So, which is true?

Team lead at Microsoft, Satya Nadella, attributes the issue to “productivity paranoia”. Meaning there is a gap between what employers expect from their people, and how employees feel.

This feeling might come from bosses wanting to go back to the way things were before 2020… but people prefer the flexibility of working in a hybrid format.

There is plenty to gain from less commuting and a better work/life balance.

Truthfully, bosses need to better communicate with their employees.

Setting clear expectations and offering feedback is the only way to allow people understand when they aren’t performing properly.

It is also important that we equip staff with the proper technology and tools to do the best work, no matter where they work.

You have to question whether the devices they use are suitable for the job they’re doing. Are they using the right applications to communicate and collaborate effectively?

Take the time to discuss the tools and technologies you are utilizing with those who employ them daily.

Display your trust and respect for your team. Long-term, the reward will be a productive and loyal staff.

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