Why Android 13 is Better for Business

Why Android 13 is Better for Business

Our phones do more than just make calls and send messages. Some would say they couldn’t live without their mobile device. Especially at work. Google is coming out with an operating system that may just be the perfect work companion. Today, we’re looking into why Android 13 is better for business.

Every now and then, your employees will use their personal cell phones to do work. Whether it’s sending a client email or checking into the Teams meeting, it happens.

The downside of doing work on your personal device is it can put business data at risk. If someone gains access to your cell phone and breaches the data, you become a risk to the company.

That is why Googles new Android 13 is big news for businesses.

We can expect some exciting new features on Google’s newest operating system for mobile devices.

Android 13 Features

These new features focus in on business functionality. They aim to help you maintain a good work/life balance, while also keeping your business data safe and secure.

Already you are able to create separate personal and work profiles on your Android device. These updates will make managing the separate accounts even easier.

For instance, when opening an app, your team can choose which profile they wish to open with.

Let’s say you are being sent a training video for work. Now, you’ll be able to view it in a separate browser window automatically, rather than viewing it in your YouTube app. This way you won’t have to worry about it messing with your personal viewing preferences.

The IT administrators will also benefit from this separating. It will make it a lot easier for them to control how business devices are used.

IT admins will be able to monitor security logs for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and passwords. Which will make installing security patches much faster.

Android’s new features aren’t only so admins can have more control over business devices. Employees also get the benefit of having their data encrypted while using the personal profiles.

You’ll have the ability to create different galleries to differ your business and personal photos; a new Lost Mode that improves locking and locating lost devices; and end-to-end encryption while using the new ChromeOS integration feature.

As a Google device user, you should already have access to Android 13. As for other Android users, you can expect an update within the next few weeks.

This is why Android 13 is better for business. If you would like to know the best way to manage mobile devices within your own network, reach out to us! We can help

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