Protect Your Cloud Server From This

Protect Your Cloud Server From This

It makes sense to power your company’s technology with a cloud server. The benefits are significant. However, make sure you protect your server from this. Cybercriminals. 

With a cloud server, you can decide just how much storage you need, without worrying about limitations. This is perfect for a growing business.

Cloud storage is perfect for the hybrid office. It allows your team access to data from anywhere.

What’s even better, is it does not require massive amounts of storage space in your office or home.

However, it is important when using a cloud server, that your storage is secure.

In the past years, cloud servers have been used as entry points for cybercriminals to distribute attacks.

A shocking 41% of hacked businesses reveal their cloud server as the access point of the attack.

This percentage seems to be rising by 10% every year.


You may be asking why cybercriminals are targeting cloud servers. And the answer is simple. Company’s rarely think to invest in the security of their cloud servers. Unfortunately, opening them up to being a huge security risk.

In technology, the saying is true, you do get what you pay for. The level of security and encryption in a free cloud server is less than sufficient of that of a paid-for server. They commonly lack reliability as well.

Your company must conduct thorough research before selecting a cloud server to ensure that it satisfies all of your needs and is as secure as possible.

The best option is to ask a professional for help and advice. (We can help)

We can also recommend a few standard security measures you should be following.

Password Manager

Make use of a password manager. Give your entire team access to a password manager that will encourage proper password making and storage. This will give you confidence that all their logins are properly made.

The best part about a password manager is not only its password suggestions. It will remember these passwords and auto-fill them into the different accounts.

This means convenience and safety all in one

Cybersecurity Training

You should also make cybersecurity training and awareness a priority. Everyone in your business should have regular training to keep them most aware of potential dangers.

This is so important, because business emails, specifically employee business emails are the second most likely place of an attack.

A humans first line of defense is always awareness. If they ask themselves “wait, does this look right?” They are already on the right track.

It is impossible to prevent cyberattacks 100%. But if you take the proper steps to secure your network and servers, you will reduce the chance of attack significantly.

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