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Are You Unknowingly Using A Malicious Browser Extension?

These days, there are hundreds of thousands of browser extensions that aim to offer a customizable online experience. While most of them are what they say they are, some are created not to help you at all… So, are you unknowingly using a malicious browser extension?

If you happen to be someone that downloads a malicious browser extension, you can negatively impact productivity and potentially clutter your work with intrusive advertisements.

We call this adware. It’s a type of malware (malicious software) made to overwhelm you with ads you don’t want to see.

When you’re making purchases, it may also affect your search engine and direct you to affiliate pages. For the people who created the extension, these actions bring them money.

According to a recent report from a cyber security firm, over 4 million of its clients have been infected in the past two years by adware that hides in browser extensions.

Risks of Malicious Malware

Often times, people don’t even know they’re under attack.

A more sinister possibility is that these malicious extensions are concealing malware that can ruin your computer.

This can lead to theft of identity and other credentials like your login or payment information. Be aware, malware can also spread throughout an entire network.

It’s crucial that you vet any browser extension you wish to download. Make sure it’s coming from a reputable site. Doing this will protect you and your company from the risk of malicious extensions.

Read reviews and ratings. Never trust an extension that is too good to be true… because it probably is.

So, I’ll ask again, are you unknowingly using a malicious browser extension? Protect yourself today.

You as the business owner can also consider limiting the number of extensions available to staff. We can help you find up-to-date software protection and (fun) security training for you staff. Call us today to get started.

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