If Your Staff Works Remotely, You Need This

If Your Staff Works Remotely, You Need This

It has become the normal for people to have remote or hybrid working situations. Yet, businesses still do not have proper cybersecurity measures in place for employees working away from the office. If your staff works remotely, you need this.

Security Issues + Remote Work

With almost two full years of working from home, a survey has found that a majority of businesses have no cybersecurity measures in place for their remote staff. This fact coincides with the uptick in ransomware and phishing attacks.

The initial purpose of the survey was to gather information on budget spending from now into the coming year. However, the findings show just how few companies actually have adequate cybersecurity protections.

This is a huge concern.

Pandemic-led Cybersecurity Panic

As mentioned before, cybersecurity breaches including malware, ransomware and data theft have been on the rise since the pandemics start. These cyber-criminals are taking advantage of at-home working situations and subsequently evolve their tactics and targets.

Businesses all across the world are losing billions due to it, plus an excessive amount of downtime.

Businesses Want to Change 

The survey did show a hopeful amount of businesses that do implement good cyber tools like malware filters, but other results were less encouraging.

To start, only 50% of businesses use a cloud-base cybersecurity system for their network.

Using cloud security is a way that businesses can safeguard data and protect their data from various breaches and attacks.

Cloud security not only provides strong defenses but it can also detect issues before they become a threat.

An interesting note from the survey showed that 10% of businesses want to use access management. They want the guarantee that only users with authorization can access their systems.

Another 9% want to prioritize VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) to ensure secure network access for remote workers.

A lot of businesses are starting to also see the value in a zero-trust systems. This will mean your network will assume every device and connection is a threat unless proven otherwise.

Get Help Implementing Cybersecurity Defenses

Naturally, our recommendation is that you already have these security measures in place, particularly if you use remote or hybrid staff.

If you are one of those businesses who have not yet encouraged some sort of cybersecurity system, you need to address this as soon as possible. Simply pick up the phone or contact us directly to get started. We can assist you with all your technical needs.

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