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Your Business is Losing Countless Hours to Spam

Everyone hates spam emails. That is just a fact. Another fact is your business is losing countless hours to spam every year.

Having to sift through your inbox removing spam can be a pain and is a real productivity killer, too.

According to a recent study, screening and deleting spam emails can cause your staff to lose 80 hours of productivity per year.

That’s a significant amount of missed opportunity.

Spam emails account for 45% to 85% of all emails sent each day. What’s concerning is that this also includes malicious emails and those attempting to infect you with malware.

Despite the fact that we don’t all receive the same amount of emails each day, the time spent screening them out adds up for everyone.

Think about it this way, If one of your workers receives 30 external emails each day, he or she will receive around 30 spam emails every week. This equates to around 5 hours each year spent sifting through and removing them.

It would be an average of 11 hours lost per year for an employee who receives up to 60 emails every day.

So if you have an employee who receives more than 100 emails in a day, you’re looking at an average of 80 hours of productivity lost each year all due to filtering out spam.

If you do the math for each member of your team, you’re looking at a sizable amount of hours lost.

Not only that, but because a number of these emails will be phishing efforts; where the sender wants you to take an action that would surreptitiously allow them access to sensitive data; your data security will be at risk as well.

There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of time you spend dealing with spam emails. The first think is to make sure you’re using your email service’s spam and junk email filters.

You may also think about bringing in anti-spam and anti-phishing software.

Finally, you should be educating your employees on the dangers of spam. Teach them how to recognize spam emails, and how to deal with spam effectively. Doing so will save time and reduce the chance of malware or a data breach.

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